Good the sociliazation agents include: essay example

Critical thinking: Socialization

The two most influential socialization agents in my life have been family and peers. These agents have played a critical part in shaping my attitude as they form my primary environment. I have adopted views of the family and learned from peers on different spheres of life. Through blending this and my opinion, I have developed my abstract views and attitudes on issues and objects. Peers and family have greatly influenced my beliefs and values through interactions on various levels. It is from those close to me that I have learned skills and values and known what is acceptable or otherwise .
The relationship between men and women ought to be founded on utmost respect and equality for all. The women should be treated in similar manners to their male counterparts and afforded equal opportunities. Outstanding differences between the two genders should also guide the relationships between men and women. Both men and women ought to be taken with respect and given the utmost human dignity that is fit for any human. This opinion is based on the rampant gender discrimination I have witnessed where women are given the upper hand in many places while in others they are deemed as less capacitated in activities that are not necessarily gender exclusive.
I am in the adulthood stage of the life course as I am beyond the age of 18 years. At this age, I have attained maturity and attained full personal rights and capabilities . The tests summaries show that at this stage one should be in college. There also is increased levels of responsibility attributable to brain development and the need for conformity to various societal settings. The brain’s part responsible for reasoning –the frontal lobe is developed thus giving the increased the responsibility. The social class, race, and ethnicity still have a bearing behaviors and values at this stage. In this stage, one also tries to identify with an abstract social and economic class. The differences between the summaries for this phase include the expectancy for marriage, at this point I find zero desire for marriage that I only expect to occur in my late youth. The sense of impulsive actions and responses is not entirely suppressed as at times I find impulse being my basic reasoning and actions.
The influence of the society on a person’s actions, decisions, and interpretations is significant in the sense that they are governed by the environmental or communal factors within which the individual exists. One’s society influences social learning and rational choices, further; a person functionalism has a direct relation to their community. Cultures, beliefs, and practices are imparted into the individual dependent on their society’s practices. The law and restrictions that govern’s one’s society also influence their decision making and behavioral patterns . The US is home to very diverse communities all from different backgrounds; this causes the country to host a variety of cultural values.
Among the significant cultural values in the US is equality. All forms of discrimination are highly discouraged here, and great efforts continue to be put in ensuring equality among all the citizens. Competition is also a cultural value in Americans. There are competitions in most spheres of life from enterprise to personal levels. Americans also find great value for privacy, this value is even entrenched in the laws of the land. These values have influenced the human behavior in America in terms of social interactions and inter-human relations in the country. All Americans respect these values and their importance to others as such all behavior is hinged on these critical values.
Gender plays a major part in self-conceptualization in that the view one develops on themselves has a relationship to their view on their gender. Those that find a gender dominant will see themselves as dominant and in the same time demand submission form their perceived inferior sex. Different genders also have varied experiences that act to shape self-opinion. Further, there are set expectations for the various sexes in our societies; these standards work with other societal concepts to define how one views themselves.

Family. Which defines relatives and people with whom we have a close relationship and interact with on a regular basis.
Media outlets provide information which we use in forming opinions on subjects as well as basis for interaction with other humans
Schools are education institutions in which we are equipped with information and other skills that are deemed definitive of a human being.
Peers are age mates, or colleagues that we interact with on professional or social levels.


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