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Gun control culture is a practice in the US and other parts of the world which takes into consideration the proper use of firearms in the country. This cultural practice is aimed at facilitating security and safety of the lives of innocent people as well as custody of personal and public property. Gun control policies have evolved over several periods of time depending on the complexity of the society.

Naturalistic Question

Gun control issue or culture in the US is controversial and sensitive due to the attention it has attracted in relation to security and safety threats. Since the use of guns is done in the public by Citizens I will be able to observe the individuals on how they way they react to situations of confrontation with the use of guns. I should also conduct interviews on a personal basis in order to know how individuals use the guns and under which circumstances do they use the guns. The people should be approached in their daily activities where they are observed and queried about the use of guns as well as how they generally handle the handles both at their homes and in the public. Samples of people of people should be selected for careful study in order to clearly investigate the proportions off people who use personal guns in the US. Focus and emphasis is also put on the physical control and use of guns in the public in order in order to determine the impact and proper use of such tools in the public in a favorable manner.

Holistic question

This entails of the actual practice and use of guns in the society. The connection between the people and the gun control policy is emphasized and carefully studied in order to identify the number of people who use guns in the society and how they handle these guns in facilitating safety and security in the society. Many aspects of peoples’ lives are attached to the gun control policies and culture because they have a direct bearing of performance of and coexistence of people in the day to a day operations or activities. The policies and regulations are put in place in order to facilitate efficient and effective use of guns in the US. The sale and purchase of guns should also be restricted in a manner that only those people who meet the qualifications and capacity to handle guns are entitled to such guns. The changes in regulations and policies have also greatly influenced the operations and gun culture in the US and all the operations from one period to another.
The policies also touch on importation and exportation of guns in to facilitate regulation of the statistical number of guns in the country. This enables the government to trace the use guns to the relevant holders where they give an account of each bullet they use so as to avoid abuse of guns in the society. This will ensure that little harm is imposed on the innocent people due to the abuse of gun control policies.

Comparative question

This entails an intensive analysis of the gun control policies in the US as compared to gun control policies in other parts of the world. This comparison helps in showing the role of gun control policies in different countries leading higher levels of productivity in the country in relation to security and protection of the innocent people in the society. This comparison of gun control policies also helps the US to identify the potential grounds for improvement as far as security and safety issues are concerned. It is clear that the freedom to handle guns in the US is high compared to many parts of the world where only a few people have possession of guns. This disparity in gun policies is explained by the level of freedom and wealth that the common people posses and the class differences are not very high. The high rates of theft and burglary in the US also encouraged the policies where the people handle guns individually for purposes of self defense and protection against such uncertainties.

Temporal question

Handling of guns in the recent past was never controlled because the people never used to abuse such guns. The abuse of guns thereafter therefore called for the control of guns through implementation policies and regulations in order to protect the safety and security of people in the US. Currently many policies are in place to control the importation and sale of guns within the boundaries of many of the states in the US. The gun control policies differs from one state to another making it very difficult for the federal government to control or regulate the use of guns in the US (Schmalleger, 2012 pg26). The federal government of the US is putting policies and measures in place in order to ensure that the uniformity of policies in is encouraged in order ensure that all states use the same policies and laws pertaining to gun control which therefore helps in facilitating effective control of both the importation and sale of guns within the US.

Bio-cultural question

The gun control practice is of essence in relation to the way individuals handle guns so as to take care of their own bodies. The guns are therefore accompanied with manuals concerning how they should be carried by human beings so as to take care of their bodies appropriately as well as minimizing health risks associated with handling of such guns. Social-structural question
The cultural practice of the gun control rises due to the essence of the need to achieve the harmony and peace especially in the American society. The cultures’ social group in use of this practice is applicable to the while group as it has no specific target group. According to research the most crime related groups. The bureaucrats, institutions, and the business world put the practice in run as they all benefit in as free environment that is free of crimes and reduced guns that are in possession of the wrong groups used to commit crimes (MILLER, 2013 pg 18). The most vulnerable groups capable of having guns wrongly are the youths , often engaging on illegal practices for example in drug abuse, assaults, fights, and robbery which in most circumstances lead to murder and lose of life. The social structure ranges from the rich people, middle, and the low class people who are struggling to reach the top and them luck the means of achieving them hence tend to create a shortcut to reach at their desires. The interrelation between this social classes lies on the fact that every person is in the struggle of obtaining the goal of the society, the life target goals at all time.

Interpretive question

It touches on the meaning of gun control. What does it essentially mean? The significance of the information and the policy can be witnesses as the records that concern the reduction in the crime rates that often are reported. For example, many youth engage in drinking spree and in the end tend to be disorderly, they often clash with the other groups who become rivals and they engage in deathly fights among this is the clash with the police. In USA reported crimes committed regard teens that are found out death drinking dens death having bullet wounds. According to the statistics 60 % of the reported incidences of the crimes result in the possession of guns, guns involve s the possession of the guns. The structure that was covered earlier explains the instance of taking the interpretation of the individuals being of a younger and tender age. In so doing the common individual shows the culture of adopting a culture those results in influencing the people who become the third party to the incidence. Gun control as a cultural practice since it has been suggested by the security personnel in ensuring that peace and order exists within the individuals and the society. The ends result of this incidence points on the occurrence of the information that pertains the actual data collation concerning the individuals who engage in unlawful acts.

Reflexive question

In my own point of view concerning the adaptation of the policy as a cultural activity lies on the fact that reduce gun ownership aides in the restoration of order among individuals. In accordance to law on the individuals right for example the fourth amendment of the US law which talks on the security of the individuals and the essence of justice in conjunction with ones rights. It is absurd to allow the few individuals to control the population simply because they have the guns. The law should reinforce the homeland security for instance making sure that they have the right access to the individuals and the safety measures which end in the right to have the freedom to perform their activities with minimal fear of being in any danger.

Relativistic question

Basically, it lies on the judgment on the cultural practice of the gun control, does my judgment depict some form of biasness? In this way the judgment could be viewing the disadvantage of the gun control concept, according to the interview conducted it show the essence of individuals view the gun control is unfair and cannot be achieved as the countries that have adopted it for example the united kingdom , you can still find the incidence of shooting and brutal killing. In the context of the culture that practices the policy of security have some confession as the policy tend to have loopholes(Schoenherr, 2004 pg15). However the common man can feel the benefits of the culture if at all one are off the zone were crimes and the essence of gun being out of control is witnessed. In most circumstances the issue lies on the fact that the concept of the gun control as a cultural practice that takes place is well versed and emphasizes on the security of the citizens being the first priority.

Dialogic question

Here the focus lies on the individual who uses the policy of gun control. What are their responses on the analysis made? The key point is to pinpoint the responses and the analysis made. The concept of culture supports the concept of the values of culture that upholds the human life respecting it and ensuring that the policies in place are all set to have the concept of being in practice. The dialogue goes on to the point of having the essence of involving experts on the use of security policies and their formulation.
In conclusion the anthropological concept and questions are important in this research as it guides in the coverage of the content. The questions are effective and relevant one can simply understand the topic chosen after reading content widely and following the responses.


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