Good research paper on action research proposal

Problem Statement

One key pillar in the growth and success of any business is organizational behavior off all the employees whether in senior or junior positions. Unless employees have the right attitude in a business or organization, the overall performance is compromised. As much as management methods and working strategies differ, the goals and objectives are almost similar with organizational success being the main goal. Many organizations have failed due to poor organizational behavior, which ranges from the interaction between employees, and teamwork. Unless there is healthy organizational behavior, teamwork and success are hard to implement. Anybody working in any organization acts as a human resource, which cannot be underestimated in the management of any business.

Literature Review

Organizational behavior is an issue that many organizational have to address with the diversity in the modern world. There are various methods, which can be used when addressing the issue of organizational behavior depending on the challenge being faced. Globalization and employees behavior is one approach that can be used when addressing organizational behavior. The relationship between the management and the employees is also another key issue when addressing organizational behavior. Unless employees both in the junior and senior level within an organization are able to relate well, the behavior within the organization might not be so productive. Diversity is also an issue that organizations need to focus on, the approach used in introduction new employees within an organization should be in line with productive organization behavior. Multinational companies also need to ensure that there is a mechanism of linking all the employees in different regions and ensuring that they work towards a common goal. The pillar towards a productive organization is productivity, teamwork and motivation among all the employees; these can only be achieved if the organizational behavior is focused towards these areas.

The Proposal

This proposal focuses on how management behavior influences organizational behavior. The management comprises of the decision makers and those who ensure that the welfare of all employees is well catered for; management also has a key challenge of ensuring that the goals of the organization are met. This proposal focuses on how the behavior of the management influences the overall organizational behavior. Once the research has been carried out, the information will be crucial in making major managerial decisions concerning organizational behavior. The proposal mainly focuses on the role that management has in ensuring that productive and positive organizational behavior starts with the senior staff before moving to the junior employees. Different methods will be used in carrying out the research after which data analysis, recommendations and conclusion will be given. The recommendations will be based on the findings on the research.

Research Methods

Different research designs will be used to ensure that all details are provided in the research, a longitudinal research design will be used to ensure that the research is more effective. The survey will be carried out in in different organizations both local and international. During the survey, employees will be issued with questionnaires, which they will be required to fill. Interviews will be conducted on a sample of the employees who will be selected randomly in different organisations. To avoid ambiguity in the information collected, there will be research control instruments which will also make it easy to analyze the information submitted. Some interviews will be done through video calls since they will involve multinational organizations.