Good research paper about company culture

For everything that exists under the face of the earth, there must be a cause. This is the reason for existence, the only aspect that makes it worth to keep on keeping on even when there is no hope. The cause is what leads one to an accomplishment. It is that which helps in setting out goals and measuring the achievements. These are best measured in relation to how well they help in meeting the cause. For companies, having a cause is a must. This is what defines what a company is, what it does, and why it does so. In other words, the cause gives sense to the existence of a company and helps it to scale heights of success. There are different aspects which help in asserting the cause of a company. Some of these are as indicated in the paragraphs below.
One of the indicators of a good cause for a company is the company culture. According to Schwabel (2013), a company culture is what defines an organization. It is the single entity which brings the difference between one company and another. The culture goes a long way in setting apart the way one company handles its business as compared to another, though the two might be operating along similar lines. Due to the difference brought about by the culture, companies tend to differ sharply. These differences assert the importance of culture to a company (Vaishnavi, 2013). The culture can help in attaining the ultimate goals of a company. In other words, a sound corporate culture can lead to great success, which means that the cause of the company is achieved (Kiisel, 2013). Vaishnavi (2013) indicates that the company culture determines the kind of people who are interested in the company. As a result, it dictates the kind of labor force and talent that can be drawn into the company. This is strongly tied to the success or failure of the business entity.
The vision and mission statements are also other indicators of a company’s cause. Kelchner (2013) indicates that the vision is the actual scale that accompany wants to reach. As such, it acts as the ultimate cause for a company. Unless the vision is attained, then the cause of the company is not realized. In order to reach the cause, there must be the mechanisms put in place to help in realizing the cause. This brings in the mission of the company. The mission encompasses all the mechanisms that have to be laid in place so as to make sure that the ultimate cause of the company is realized.
Looking at the above discussion, it goes without saying that a company’s success is greatly tied to having a cause. Without this, the company would have no orientation. There would be no goal to achieve and no means to assert and assess whether the company is successful or not. However, when a company has a cause, it has a blue-print against which its management can compare the actual performance and the extent to which it has helped to attain the cause. From the literature reviewed, the company cause can be defined by some parameters such as a sound vision and mission statement as well as a well formulated corporate culture. These help in ensuring company success.


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