Good example of should single parents be allowed to adopt essay

The rationale behind adoption by any individual is similar for both the married and the single people. The single parents should be allowed to adopt children due to a number of rational arguments. The nature of humanity does not allow solitude: human beings are social beings who need the company of other people. Some single parents could be unable to conceive, they could be infertile yet they want to love a child and give such a child a home. Such parents should not be denied adoption due to their marital status. Other people could lack the desire or interest to marry yet they do not want to live without parenting. They can only parent adopted kids in this case. In the modern days, homosexuals (gay and lesbians) are all over the world: such people do not have the option of bearing children in their marriages yet they could have the desire to parent. In other cases, a formerly married couple could have divorced to an extent where they do not hope for a reunion yet the parties do not want to live without parenting. Above all, the single parents should be granted their wish to adopt any kids that they can give a good life: humanity will allow every person to pursue their interests in life as long as those interests do not infringe the rights of fellow human beings. As such, legitimate adoption should be allowed for all people, single and married.
On the other hand, single parent adoption can be challenged on several grounds. For instance, a child needs love and compassion from both parents and not a single parent except in the event of some unavoidable occurrences such as death. The permission of single parenting adoption will be a deliberate denial of such a right on the part of the child and thus it should not be allowed. A child is also perceived to be safer and comfortable in the custody of two parents because they can both complement each other to maintain the child at certain times like when one parent is sick or away on work.
In my own opinion, the reasons behind the justification of single parents being allowed to adopt children far much outweigh the opposition. There is no problem with a single parent adopting a kid as long as such a parent can prove that they can provide the necessary upkeep mechanisms for the child. As long as it is legitimate and legal adoption, the aspect of one being a single or married parent should not be an issue in the determination of who will adopt and who will not. Other crucial factors such as the ability to maintain the kid, mental state of the adopting parent, the living conditions of the environment where the child will live and other relevant factors should be considered but not the marital status of the parent. If a single parent wishes to adopt a child and they are able to maintain the child, the adoption should be granted.