Good example of najran city essay

Najran is a city that is situated at the South-West of Saudi Arabia close to the Yemen border. It is regarded as one of the rapidly-expanding cities in Najran Province. Originally, Najran was the cloth making center for the Yemeni. While on the Incense Route, the Yemenite Jews found Najran to be an essential stopping place. The city has historically been a place of contention for both the Saudi and Yemeni Kingdom. Najran is a city with a small population size. According to the 2004 population census, there were an estimated 246, 880 occupants of the city. In spite of the fact that Najran is a rocky desert and mountainous region, it is a city with a robust education and health system for its people. In addition, it hosts a lot of visitors annually through its recreational facilities under the tourism and hospitality sector.
Al-Ukhdud is a name mentioned in the Holy Quran to refer to the place where Christian faithful were killed in 525. It was a popular trade route from Yemen to other parts of the Arabian Gulf region. Al-Ukhdud reduced in significance the moment traders realized that it was easier to use the Monsoon winds to sail through the Indian Ocean. Al-Ukhdud is one of the most important archaeological and historical sites in the Najran region. It provides a rich history of religious background, heritage and culture of the people in the region.
Najran is popular for its exciting festival and folk dance events. These events attract a significant number of visitors annually. Before becoming a Saudi Arabian city, Najran had earlier on been occupied by Christians and later on Yemenite Jews. Given an opportunity to visit the city of Najran, I would like to visit its attractive sites such as the Al-Aan Palace, Abi Al-Rshash valley, Najran Dam and most definitely the Al-Ukhdud because of its historical significance. I would encourage my friends to visit the city of Najran because it offers good recreational facilities that complement the attractive sites and interesting culture of the inhabitants.