Good example of my personal statement applying to business school at loyola marymount essay

Personal Statement

The reason behind my passion to learn more about entrepreneurship can be long dictated as a result of great influence from my dad who is currently concerned with economic projects in progress in so many parts in the world. Having this in my mind, I do believe with the helping hand from my dad, I will come to be one of the best entrepreneurs in the world. The current world is a world of great opportunities and utilization of current opportunities that rise within our conscience and passion. This is one of the driving forces within me. However, my main focus will not be on personal gain or success but the prosperity of every individual in the society.
The understanding I have observed from my dad as my mentor has given me an insight of the importance of entrepreneurship in the world as the driving force of the same. The exposure I got while working at my dad’s company has also given me a great opportunity in understanding how most company may collapse if entrepreneurs were not there to help market their products. I have pursued a diploma in mathematical computing with economics. In a close observation of the same, I have realized that this is the best combination when relating to entrepreneurship. In addition to this, I have high communication skills that led me to one of the best fluent speakers in my previous college where I was pursuing a diploma in economics. I believe with this skill of great communication, am going to be the most influential entrepreneur in the world.
Through my personal experience in business studies from my dad, I have been able to gain a practical knowledge on economic theories which definitely am very sure are going to help meet my dream. Moreover, I have been one of the best team workers in my previous college and therefore I can learn and work under any environment. I am a hardworking gentleman with full realization of my passions and dreams. When I finished my diploma, I have attended several meetings to discuss the future that lies ahead of entrepreneurship as a course to pursue in higher institutions and this has given me an idea of how deep entrepreneurship is as a career choice to pursue in future.
In addition, as a football team captain in college, I was able to experience the spirit in team work and the significance of planning complicated tactics to win over the opponents. This has increased the intensity in the level of my confidence in leadership role and great ability to communicate with my team mates effectively and in accordance to their positive interests. I do believe entrepreneurship involves great skills in communication and personal confidence to stand before a multitude and address the ultimate importance of the same. I do enjoy reading about entrepreneurship and its significance development with respect to globalization and with this in mind I am sure of formulating a methodology and introduce a new dimension in the world of entrepreneurship.
I am very good in debates and in several occasions, I have won awards with my former college when it came to arguments about the global economic development. This will help me have a link to entrepreneurship and being able to formulate great discoveries during entrepreneurship debates when am given a chance to join Loyola Marymount university. In combination to the skills I have about business related courses and a great support from my dad; I am convinced of success and better performance at the end of this course and thus informed decision making in the world of economic development.