Good example of motivation essay

Motivation is basis and psychological feature that encourage the organism to take actions towards the desired goal as well as controls and sustain the specific behavior aimed at the direction to the goal. It can be said that the motivation is the driving force that reinforces person to an action towards the desired goal. In psychology, motivation is the purpose or cause of an action. Actually, motivation is something that makes person to think about the destination of a goal and make everything to achieve that particular goal, it energize the person to act in a way to get the wished. Motivation can be seen as the root for social, cognitive and psychological areas. It can be a primary impulse to improve the well-being or to achieve it as well as to maximize the pleasure and to lessen the physical discomfort. Moreover, motivation can be considered as an inner drive of behavior or acting in a specific manner.
Motivation can be divided in two types: intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) motivation. The intrinsic motivation is the internal desires to perform a particular task. For example, people do activities because it gives them satisfaction, pleasure, it is right from the moral point of view or it is necessary for developing a certain skill. The extrinsic motivation includes factors external to the individual and such factors can be unrelated to the actions a person takes. Such tasks include money, better grades (for students) and other material or nonmaterial rewards. The people with intrinsic motivation are eager to gain new knowledge or skill. The motivation for such individuals is aimed at leveling up to the highest stage of the human development according to the Maslow’s hierarchy. The people with external motivation are eager to satisfy the lower needs. As of the Maslow’s views individuals cannot reach the higher scale without reaching the one, which is lower in the hierarchy. The intrinsic and extrinsic motivations are interrelated because the first one cannot be achieved without achieving the first one. Actually, both kinds of motivation should be combined to achieve the biggest profit either from learning process or from another productive kind of work. The extrinsic and intrinsic motivations are always balanced by each other. One kind of motivation is always prevailed.
The motivation can be also described by means of incentives, reinforces and punishers. Reinforces results from the gaining experiences of what an individual should do. Reinforcement can be positive and negative. Positive reinforcement is the state when a likelihood of any event is increased as the result of the presentation of something pleasant after the demonstration of a particular type of behavior. Negative reinforcement is the state when an event is more likely to occur as the result of the removal of something unpleasant after a particular kind of behavior was demonstrated. Punishers are selections of a particular behavior making it less likely to occur in the future. Punishment also can be positive and negative. Positive punishment is the state when a likelihood of any event is decreased as a result of the presentation of something unpleasant after demonstration of a particular behavior. Negative punishment occurs when the event is less likely to occur as the result of removal of something unpleasant after a particular behavior was observed. Incentives are external stimuli acting as the motivation for behavior. They can be positive and negative but usually they are external stimuli. Reinforces and punishers are related to the past as they faced the consequences of the particular behavior. Incentives, in turn, deal with the anticipation of the individual.