Good example of marketing: disney expansion report

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Marketing: Disney Expansion in Mexico City
Mexico City is one of the biggest and important cities in the world, home of almost 20 million populations. Mexico is locally known as Ciudad de México encompassed the Federal District or Distrito Federal, Mexico City D. F.
A market expansion contributes to productivity growth . Disney expansion is relative to the previous successes of the company that demonstrate the ability to adapt new place or location, and the significance of finding target market. The flexibility of the Disney Company is one of the advantages to achieve excellent results and its characteristics, associated with success. The success of the Company relates to the ability to be innovative and embrace changes with respect to new culture and environment. One the abilities of Disney that emphasized successful venture are the advanced processes and technologies.

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Target Market: How will Disney market their products?
A well-defined target market is significantly tested for years in different company all over the world. It is too general to say that, to target market is to anyone interested in the services or target small company owners, stay-at-home moms, or homeowners. A company should target the specific market; to target a specific market does not imply to exclude people that do not fit the criteria from patronizing the product. Target marketing allows the company to focus to the marketing dollars and the message of the brand or product on a specific market. In addition, target marketing is effective, efficient, and affordable way to reach out potential customers and generate good business.
The business segment or division of the Walt Disney Company known as Disney Consumer Product or DCP delivers innovation and engages product experiences of thousands of categories. DCP is focusing on product quality and franchise growth with excellent innovation. It enables DCP to deliver convincing products to retailers all over the world, to enrich the experience of customers with the Disney brand and characters or the division is responsible for licensing and merchandise for different Disney properties or products. In addition, DCP operates the social media presence under Disney Living and just under two years it gained Likes about 300, 000 on Facebook, about 29, 000 followers on Twitter, and about 8. 8 million views on YouTube .

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Product profile: What suite of products will be delivered in the Disney Project?
The products that will be delivered in the Disney Project are Walt Disney Studios, Consumer Products, Media Networks, and Disneyland Theme Parks and Resorts. In Walt Disney Studios includes Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, and Hollywood Pictures; it brings quality movies, stage plays, and music to consumers all over the world. The Consumer Products are apparels, toys, decors, books and magazines, interactive games, foods and beverages, stationery, electronics, and fine arts. The Media Networks consists of Disney channel and Radio Disney. In the Disneyland Theme Parks and Resorts is responsible for managing, building, and conception of the parks and vacation resorts.

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Marketing strategies: What strategy will be used to deliver the suite of products?
The strategies are differentiation in business level, related diversity in corporate level, transnational in international level, and cooperative level. In differentiation strategy, the success of Disney associated with much passion, iconic characters, and animated films, as its driving force that provides a strong brand and helps the Company to offer unique experiences to the customers. The related diversified strategy operates in all suite products and offers true competitive advantages. The transnational strategy helps maintain the recognition of its brand globally and responds to the local necessities. The expansion offers subtle responses in local culture and the combination of the American flavor and iconic charm. The cooperative level strategy formed alliances with other large companies; it involves wide range of activities that benefit the Company, partnerships, and the customers as a whole.

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What are the marketing issues or problems that Disney faces in the Expansion?
Issues or problems are common to arise in any expansion in new locations. The marketing issues or problems Disney faces in the expansion are (1) competition within the industry; it involves number of diversification between competitors, product differentiation, and low switching costs; (2) threat of substitutes; the products that offer similar benefits to industries in different process that can reduce demand for products as customers switch to some alternatives. (3) Positioning of the company, to position the company in industries based on the competition. It takes the structure of the company that matches the strengths and weaknesses.

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What is the target demographic in the Disney project?
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