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The episode “ The Great Game” is very interesting as it illustrates the positive side of intrinsic knowledge and skills of Sherlock and has establish the popularity of the genre in the 19th century

Sherlock, throughout his popularity was known for his wit and ability to solve mysteries, the episode The Great Game showcases Sherlock’s unparalleled talent in solving cases. The camera angles that demonstrate his facial expressions while attempting to crack Irene Adler’s password provides the viewers a glimpse of his brilliance. In the scene, it showed how easy Sherlock deemed the task of breaking the code, he appeared unchallenged and relaxed. The episode was masterfully weaved to visualize the difficulty of the case and highlight the brilliance of the detective. The trickiness of the episode began when Irene Adler was introduced and claimed that she possessed valuable documents that will change the lives of many British people. She boldly demanded for security and a lonesome amount of money in exchange of the documents that she was claiming to be in her mobile phone (Porter, 2012). However, her plan did not push through and the brilliant detective once again proved why he was famous during his times as he saw past Adler’s trickery. Adler, seeing her plans foiled mentioned that she was only playing a game (Doyle, 2009). The password I AM SHERLOCKED was Sherlock’s display of wit as he was able to crack the puzzle surrounding the mobile phone code. The cracking of the code did not come easy for Sherlock, at first he entered a different combination that resulted to an error. The original code that he typed was I AM 895 LOCKED, following the retrieval of the clue from Watson’s blog. The sequence and buildup of the scene showed that Sherlock is a persistent character, despite the trials he had to go through in order to enter the proper code. It also showed that it is not easy to solve cases; it takes time and a brilliant mind to do it. The logical sequence of the interactions of the characters brought added tension and excitement to the episode because it resulted to the buildup of one of Sherlock’s most popular cases.