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According to the global economy. com, Brazil has friendly policies that allow private sectors to flourish well within its boundaries. The fact that it allows private companies to flourish and compete with the government sponsored investments indicates that it has an open market policy is competitive. The country is politically stable with democratically elected leaders. It also has an improved abiding to the rule of law. However, there are recurrent demonstrations in Sao Paulo. Most of the demonstrations are peaceful, but violence may occur. Nevertheless, political status is conducive for a long-term investment in most parts of the country.
However, the country faces several crimes indicating the possible demand for safety measures. In Sao Paulo, laptop computer leads in items targeted by thieves. The thieves target individuals, household, as well as offices with the sole purpose of stealing laptops alongside other electronic appliances. In addition, carjacking, home invasions, virtual kidnappings, and express kidnappings are also common. Express-kidnapping occurs around ATMs. Drug-related crimes are also common. The police response in Sao Paulo is slow and not as expected. Most of the times the police fails to respond in time making the criminals to escape easily. They cite lack of enough resources to response and policy challenges. There are claims of police harassment among the residents (OSAC, 2014).


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