Good example of essay on ethnocentrism in society and the role of researchers in dealing with it

It is common practice in society for social groups to evaluate other by their cultural norms and practices. But this practice can be changed in several ways. Researchers can help overcome this on their part as well as on the part of their part on the population being studied. It is possible if they embrace and educate their subjects on the importance of multiculturalism as well as enhancing intercultural communication and sensitivity. Researchers can play the lead and show their subjects that it is possible tot to judge others on grounds f their beliefs and practices.
It is possible that researchers begin by promoting diversity through encouraging multiculturalism. They should use subjects from all and any cultural group as long as they are useful in conducting their research (Samovar, Porter & McDaniel 109). Researches should not be biased in selecting their subjects and should go the extra mile and encourage subjects across all cultural groups. It does not mean that everything is accepted but rather, it should be appreciated and respected as long as it is the right thing to do.
There is no right or wrong culture in the context of all cultures defining the other as either good or bad. It all begins with the researcher educating themselves on the importance of acknowledging all cultures and then going ahead to use reason or logic to make their subjects view other cultures that are different from theirs as equally important. Researchers play a very critical role in ensuring that they fit the context and culture of their subjects in order to make the subjects easy. Not a single group of persons should be used as a standard gauge for culture and researchers should first embrace this fact before going out to the field to conduct their research.

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