Good example of case study on geography

Essay, Question 1Yes, the friction of distance has decreased over the years. When distance increases from one point to another, the relations with that point decrease. Researchers have found that when people tend to move from one place to another they forget the origin and get used to their new destination. The reason for this is, the costs and time involved increase with distance. Spatial interaction would not happen at all if the friction of distance remained to be zero. This is because, Spatial interaction to happen there must be an active flow course from one locality to another. Essay, Question 2Migration changes the destination where the immigrants finally settles by boosting the economy of that location and brings developments. The reason been as the population increases the availability of labour increases thus boosting the level of productivity. The origin may be affected because there will be a reduction in levels of productivity. For example, the immigration in china has boosted the country’s economy. Essay, Question 3There are a number of problems that make people to migrate. Some can be too dangerous to force them migrate like, diseases, war, calamities. These can force people move from one place to another. Other cannot force them to move, but they can adapt like entertainment. Essay, Question 4To stop undocumented migration, the US. government should consider placing the military around their borders. This can aid prevent the migrants from Mexico from entering they’re nation. They should also sentence employers to prison which hire illegal aliens. Essay, Question 5The Chinese government controlled internal migration in order to control the Chinese economic boom. The government had to do so in order to regularize the status of between 20 to 30 peasants unlawfully living in the cities. Essay, Question 6My family moved from a rural area to the town in search of employment and better living standards. The town where we migrated to flocked many migrants some of them running away from their places to seek peace due to insecurity. Essay, Question 7Some of factors which make people move from rural to urban in wealthy countries are; to search for reaction facilities, investments and security purposes. While others move from urban to rural for farming purposes and when going on retirement. Essay, Question 8The scales are important because they help people figure out how far places are from wherever they are. They can also be used in finding cities of certain countries easily. The migrants use them to know how far they are to go while migrating.