Good essay on methods of telecommunication

In summation, we can deduce that telecommunication has contributed significantly towards the building of information and knowledge in the society. There has been a development in the telecommunication industry from the 2G networks to the latest 4G networks hence the growth of the internet from the slowest to the fastest. Because of the demand for the fastest internet, the use of 4G networks as well as Wireless LANs has become rampant hence the inevitability of technology in our society.
With these networks, came the application of mobile data like web browsing as well as E-mail. There has been a continued development of the wireless network connections overtime. We have witnessed the growth of wireless networks from 2G to 2. 5 G, to HSPA and UTMS. Without the evolution of telecommunication, the world would have been a boring place in terms of communication. Some of the other inventions that are advantageous to the technology world include VoIP. In this context, Base Station Controllers are used to decouple the needed tasks from the switching center. As a result, they maintain a feasible radio connection.
As a result of the emerging technologies over the wireless communications, many mobile applications have emerged. This has in turn made it crucial for certain measures such as privacy, security and integrity to be maintained. Because it is predicted that technology voice will reign in the near future, there is the probability of the world changing during that period. While other operators will use dual radio services, as they await for VoLTE, others will opt for CS fallback. Just like PCs, virus attacks have been prominent on mobile devices due to an increasing amount of data such as credit card information, private messages, and contacts. This paper gave me the opportunity to discuss how accessing personal data and payment information on the mobile devices affected users as well as ways of preventing similar attacks in the near future.