Good essay on managing high performance


Continuous expansion and development are some of the essentials of an organization to move freely in the industry. There are certain competitive strategies which would have been used by the management in order to get their things prosper. Inevitably, there are two important provisions associated with the company, which particularly are employees and the shareholders. It should be a prior duty of the management of the company to enhance the productivity and level of satisfaction of their employees in order to enhance the productivity of their organization in a perfect and well organized manner .
When it comes to employee’ s management, then the name of organizational structure and culture are some of the major ones which have their own importance and recognition. In most of the organizations, employees always try to leap over the next step, after completing all of the pre-requisite of the previous step, but there are certain things that have to be considered accordingly.
There is a case associated with the assignment which has two different types of employees, which particularly are those employees who are satisfied with their jobs and responsibility, while others are eager to move a step ahead. The budget of the company is not enough to promote all of the employees according to their need. The performance of the employees is also not well enough from which they can qualify for the promotion accordingly. Therefore, it is required to have new and alternative organizational structure which will not bring any problem and chaos to the company.
There is a need to revitalize the organizational structure in a perfect and well organized manner from which new leadership stance and managerial based things could have been achieved. The company has to place a departmental head for every department who have the access on all of the employees and should consider every bit of thing while managing the performance of them. Every innovation and initiatives from the employees are more than welcome, and new departmental manager has to report the same thing to the HR department at the time of performance appraisal . The company should also have an organized function from which they can analyze the performance of an employee in a given time frame. Annual Performance Review (APR) is one of the most important documents, from which a HR department can analyze the entire performance of an employee throughout a fiscal year and then appraise them accordingly. Signing in timings and signing out timings of the employees should be noted with automatic digital machines and system so there would be no possibility of biases in timings. One of the major things which should be considered while the appraisal of the performance is the behavior of the employee with their other peer employees and if it is good then it should commensurate accordingly.
Organization’s structure should be made and transform in a manner that no employee would be included in the breaching of any business regulations and ethics and if any employee found guilty in committing these mistakes, then they should be penalized and these issues should be considered while the annual performance review of the employees . These are some of the core strategies which should be considered by the company to identified in the case to enhance their management of performance system and could enhance the level of satisfaction, as well.


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