Good essay on life improvement

I have come to the United States three years ago and my life drastically changed. It was more than just a change of geography, culture, and language. It was also a change of problems that filled my life. Now that I was alone in a new country a set of completely new, unknown to me prior, problems occurred. Immigration influenced my parents, everyone somehow related and me. Some of the things that still bother me, even after spending three years here, is lack of communication with my family, the absence of the feeling of being at home when I come to my apartment at the end of the day and the need for closer friends in my life.
My parents and I used to be very close back when I was not living in the United States. I could always count on them for support, for advice and just for when I needed them. With miles and miles between us, this connection has grown week. However, it really should not be so. With the modern technologies that allow us to communicate completely free, I should not let this happen. That is why I plan to set a goal to have regular skype calls with my parents, at least 3 times a week. It is easy and it will help me mentally to feel right, to share my thoughts and get advice from older and more experienced people.
Perhaps frequent communication with my parents will make me feel more at home here. However hard I try, I just cannot achieve that feeling of warmth and relaxation when I come home at the end of the day. Perhaps what I need to is to be more acquainted with US culture. There are often some kinds of festivals, cultural events and parties around me. To feel that I fit in, I will start attending these more often. Not only will I get a feel of America culture, be able to assimilate into the new environment, share my own culture with the others, but also, meet new people, who could possibly become my friends.
We all need friends for life support. Parents are great, but that generation gap stops us from being able to talk about everything that is bothering us. Besides, my parents do not really need to know all the problems in my life. They worry about me enough as it is. It has been quite hard here without a true friend to turn to. Yes, I do have friends and I know many people, but I am still missing that special connection with someone. The solution to this problem is very much like the one for the previous. I have to get out more and do things. Moreover, it does not mean that my studies have to suffer from it. I could join many study groups. Besides, lunch is also a possibility not to miss.
I believe that with the outlined solutions I will be able to renew the close connection with my parents, assimilate more into the US culture to feel at home here and find new friends for life support. All of these three solutions are challenges and will need from me definite efforts. However, these changes will be good for me and I cannot wait to meet the new life they will bring.