Good essay on decision analysis – jgt task 1 – revision 2014

The current workflow is analyzed with a view of finding the most appropriate workflow that will be more effective than the current one. Shuzworld has to consider a number of things considered in this scenario to be able to enhance with efficacy the productivity of the company.

The table shows the production time for the boots.

The above shows the graph of the time against projects
Looking at the graph, the projects that take the highest time is A, D and H. the high level of the three projects reduces the amount of G and, therefore, Shuzworld need to reduce the level from eight to five as is illustrated by as shown in the graph.
The recommendation will reduce the level from eight to level 5 by applying tool called balancing and the result will be as follows:
– Workstation A
– Workstation B and C
– Workstation D
– Workstation combined of E, F, and G
– Workstation
The choice of the analysis tool is informed by the fact that the balanced module tool will supplement the company’s productivity to a great length. The module gives an opportunity to have multiple analyses that may affect the company before implementation.
Analysis of the initial and the current cost of the sandal line are very important, as its integration will result to an amplified form called “ Maui Sandal.” The focus of the case is on scheduling the production timing. The new shoe line will require 1000 hours of labor according to historical values. The standard labor cost is set at $1. 08 with a learning curve moving down by 80%. The table below shows the batches of sandals.
The table and graph shows the batches produced per month and the cost of labor used to produce the batches. To produce 50 batches, the total cost to be incurred by the end of ten months will be $11863. 13. This method is used to help understand how much Shuzworld will require for the production of the increased batches.
The table shows that lots sandal rise by 100 percent in every month for ten consecutive months. Total of the ten months batch is 50. The total time required is at 3737 at a cost of $1. 08; the cost of labor is mixed. The whole budget comes to $11, 863. 13.
The ten month shows the highest level of labor cost the total production level of sandals was 50. Examination of the statistical data shows the working hour being 1000, which reduces to a lower level of 283. 83 hours by reducing production level. The analysis shows that higher production level reduces the amount of hours required for production. The analysis tools those are appropriate for this decision-making is the formaldehyde and “ POM” module as the two will be able to give an inverse relationship between the amount of hours and the total cost. The statistics show that the maximum amount of the sandals is $1000, which reduces the number of hours to 283. 83; this lower value shows that the operation is cost effective. Module POM of the spreadsheet was the best for the calculation of data of this particular product.
In the operation of Shuzworld work, four machines are dedicated to performing their responsibility to finish the work within the prescribed time. A cost effective process of the total scheduling operators of the company can be illustrated as shown in the table shown.
In the calculation of the authentic cost can be done by use of Formaldehyde module. The tool fits this analysis because it gives a very clear picture in the analysis of efficiency. To calculate more costs, the table below can be used.
Operator A sustains same cost, according to the graph shown above, of $10 while the rest of the operators remain at the same cost of $9. The total cost of the four operator’s is $37. Further analysis of operators cost is shown in the chart.
Cost associated with the operator A the highest totaling up to 27. 02%, the operator B, C, and D have a cost of 24. 32 correspondingly as shown by the pie chart below. The best tool to require in this information is a line-balancing model. The tool is used to reduce working stations of the company; the tool will also maximize high level of efficiency. The task that has the longest production time, and it can be associated with the high cost. This analysis can help the company maximize operating time by learning assembly way. The task to worth starting with is the task A that has the highest resistant work. The tool of choice remains Line balancing module reason being, it reduces workstation amount required to maximize efficiency. The tool also ensures that work is equally divided among the workstations.
The big thing in Shuzworld development of interim techniques required, in the implementation to improve the level of production. In the short-term scheduling, events such as Gantt chart, balanced line, system, and a mixture are considered. Amongst the modules mentioned, schedule line balance and manufacturing process are proven to be more favorable compared to the likes of Gantt. However, many analysts equally desire Gantt chart even though the technique is very difficult to adapt to most of the activities. The tool that is considered the best of all tools is Just in Time (JIT). The tool is used in the manufacturing process to attain desired results productivity that is significantly improved. The tool is considered as the best tool to accurately measure a company’s goal and labour division update which is timely. Optimistic modification of company’s economy and the achievements of the short-term and long-term goal of the company are enabled by Just in Time module. The company should continue using the same module to strengthen the business. There are a number of regulations, which guide Shuzworld in their choice for the best tool. They include long processing time, short processing time, Initial Due Date, and the Johnson rule. Shuzworld has the opportunity to acquire temporary technology to reduce the cost associated by equipment. Shuzworld has to choose whether to reduce inventory amount during the process or to maximize usage, cut down time used to wait for customers, or to minimize completion time. Attempt to review facilities in the short term scheduling is encouraged by the availability of the opportunities that fully gives understanding on the model used to improve efficiency of production. Gantt chart has been one of the most preferred short-term scheduling modules. An example of the Gantt chart is shown in the chart.


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