Good essay about gentrification can be good or bad

Gentrification refers to the shifting of urban lifestyle. This can include urban city planning, development of sophisticated houses and infrastructure across the town. In addition, gentrification can be characterized by increased rents, value of land and houses. The results of gentrification are always complex and contradictory. This essay seeks to examine how gentrification can be good or bad.
The goodness of gentrification can be associated with the positive trending of Cleveland, which emerged as an urban city in the 1990s by restructuring itself. The reconstruction centered on the foundation of the post-Fordism, incipient technology and cultural consumption. The goodness of gentrification is characterized by the forefront of contemporary urban scenery, lofty business activities and integration of forces that are on restructuring the city’s urban fabric. In addition, the positivity of gentrification can be attributed with the early industries in agriculture and mining, which blossomed giving rise to interested investors to make a debut in them. The investment trended well and gave rise to rapid industrialization in more modern sectors such oil, automobile, steel and coal. The streets of the town were developed to high ways and modern by-pass. The climax of this trending activity was marked by numerous white-collar jobs in industries, offices of companies offering services such as insurance and consultancy.
However, the bad side of gentrification is evident and can be attributed to numerous aspects, which include the ever-continued struggle of the populace for land and homes, increased house rates, struggle for the few job opportunities, increased crime, displacement of population to create space for urban development, congestion and pollution of most of the urban centers among others. In essence, gentrification is attributed to both the good and bad sides.
In conclusion, gentrification is a fundamental aspect that spread across the globe in numerous towns. The primary features of both the good and bad sides of gentrification-included industrialization, infrastructural development, congestion of population in urban centers, high house rates and increased white-collar jobs.