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If one listens to Demi Lovato, in her song “ Skyscraper” the incantatory, oratorical and the how she recites is clearly apparent of her good delivery. This pattern always the words’ meaning to live the audiences’ mind in which state they are remembered and also through this interaction the audience can derive further meaning. Demi Lavato song is common in all cultures. However, it plays different roles across cultures. In some, it is considered as natural as speech, while in others, it is a real call of duty. In such communities, where singing the Lavato song, it is vital; everyone is expected to participate in singing. That is old people, young people, people in prison, people in difficulties. This song is a highly pervasive and compelling aspect of most people lives. It represents a well-ingrained portion of people’s semantic memories. The quantity and the form of this song available everywhere today is growing rapidly. To organize such repositories there is a need to foreground the lyrics as the position that pop and rock music occupies people’s minds, and lives are changing. Lyrics in pop music have always been the subject of attention. Several writers’ likes of Peatman (1943) and Horton (1957) focused on song lyrics and undertook content analysis. These writers analyzed only what the songs were saying bit they did not look at the intertextuality and other aspects in songs.


The intertextuality of Lavato song is similar to many twentieth-century Pop songs which were character driven. Give the rehab and the public meltdown she had gone Lovato give a full view of her plight. Since her elementary schooling, Lovato has dealt with an eating disorder that was triggered by other kids in school who called her fat. As she has become more famous, magazine and people have said hurtful thing about her. Such things were not easy to handle and were painful and in her lyrics she bring out this picture. Most pop stars also use their lyrics to highlight their live. The standard practice of Pop writing the lyrics does not require the participants to be active. However, the lyrics in Skyscraper song demand active audience in parsing their exert meaning. Therefore, this approach requires full audience participation during performance. This makes both the soloist and the participants to have an in-depth understanding of the song context.
Demi Lovato is American recording artist who despite being bullied has had a successful life. Her song “ skyscraper” released on July 12, 2011, represents an account of her previous year’s journey. The song was written by Lindy Robbins, Toby Gad and Kerli Koiv and was produced by Gad Lovato’s third Studio. Like other writers, the writers of this song had their inspiration. More specifically the inspiration for this song was a picture of world destruction but among the destroyed buildings, a single Skyscraper was still standing. Lovato felt that she and her fans could relate to this song and thus she decided to record. When she tried recording it in 2010, she became very emotional, and she started crying. She later went to a rehabilitation centre and on coming back she re-recorded the song.
The song is perfectly simple unlike, other popular pop songs. For instance, Lovato does not use any electric guitars and the story line simple and passionate. In the clip, no one else appears except Lovato. Most pop clips feature other characters but in this clip the focus is bringing out clearly the pain she has gone in her life. In most video, the singer’s dress code does not bring any significance in passing his or her message to the audience. However, the way she is dress in this clip is symbolic to someone who is undergoing had times. The beats in the video also bring a significant change of pace from the current dominant upbeat party tunes in Pop music. This format of performance makes her composition special and distinct from other genres.


Medium mainly analyses the presentation format of the song. Lovato appearing alone on the clips is symbolic to a skyscraper as the only standing building after the demolition of other buildings in the city. In this song, we can look at the skyscraper at two different perspectives. One, its aspect of tallness this is essentially an emphasis on confidence. Two, the aspect of the impact it would make if it collapsed. Here she means that she will not collapse but she will remain strong. Apparently she uses very powerful vocals that appeal in a positive manner to the audience. The opening of Lovato’s clip is incredibly breathy, as her voice depicts powerful vocals. The clip opens with her walking on a desert road in a white dress. Throughout the first verse, her face is presented as the main part of the clip. This presentation appeals emotionally to the audience. The song had a substantial effect on the world at large unlike, most pop singers. In fact, it was translated into German, Spanish and Filipino. Statistical reports indicate that the songs impact to the world was great.

The Intention Behind and Interpretation of the Text

The song is all about rising above tribulations and trials, and about fortitude that people face in life. Girl child is battling many issues that can relate to this song. The first verse of the song Lovato sings “ Skies are crying, I am watching”. Demi uses this theme of personification to describe a gloomy time and a place. Rain is associated with sadness and according to how she is watching she seems to manifest in sadness. As a young elementary school girl, Lovato has had to deal with eating disorders. Later in life as she became famous, magazine and people have said hurtful thing about her that were not quite easy to deal with in her life. “ Do you have to make me feel like there’s nothing left of me?” This question is a rhetorical question in the last in the last line of the verse that shows the pain in her heart because nobody seems to care for her.
The second verse the lyrics indicates that she did not care the actions of her bully. Sometimes one may feel like she or he has been extremely pushed. Such an emotional feeling requires one to be strong and face the situation with courage. Her lyrics and I quote “ You can take everything I have” Shows that Demi was ready at whatever cost, to face the situation. In the last verse of the song she says, “ Go on and try to tear me down I will be rising from the ground Like a skyscraper” The song’s title is derived from this verse. In this verse, she has lowered her tone to emphasize that she will not allow her pain to take control any longer. She is optimistic in life, and she is sure that she will make it big despite the stumbling blocks on her way. She associated with the skyscraper.


In conclusion, through the review of available historical records from different cultures we can get the general picture of the musical culture development. Audience formation is paramount when composing a song. Lovato skillfully uses symbolic nature of the skyscraper to construct audience identity and to represent her past life. At the start of her song, she cannot stand for herself because she is so heartbroken. However, at the end of it she had the courage since she discovered she was worth so much, and she no longer cared what other said about her. Lovato song is extremely powerful as its lyrics are well belt thus giving it an extra emphasis. Demi is telling people the pain she has underwent through so that they can relate with her situation and realize that no matter what the circumstances surround them they can overcome them and rise. She has struggled with several issues in her life, including drug addictions, anorexia, alcohol and self-harm. The song was sung to inspire girl child and anybody who has gone through a difficult situation like Demi. The skyscraper is not a perfect use of imagery to emphasize the feeling she is conveying to her fans but a success treasure of the composer.