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The definition of capital may take different directions. Some people refer to capital as the ability to gather money and other resources for investments. It is a valuable production element that requires extensive effort to acquire. However, some people argue of capital as a process and not a thing. There are unique arguments that may support the argument of capital as a process.
Capital is a major requirement for the start of the business. However, it does not have to be collected in a fortnight. It is impossible to find a business that relies on the initial capital. At some point, the initial capital is extensively small, and it is difficult for the capital to raise the business into extensively high levels. The capital may be extremely insignificant to define massive success for the company.
Many businesspersons prefer the gradual growth of their businesses. Therefore, they wait for the continuous investment in their businesses. They are individuals with exclusive patience as they intend to accumulate massive capital with time that will assist them in handling the future responsibilities. It is true that as the individuals continue to inject capital in their businesses exclusive growth for the businesses will be evident.
Also, as time passes the individuals continue to learn different values or elements concerning their business. The values that the individuals learn from the businesses are not usually calculated into their monetary values. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the persons to quantify the significance of the values. However, the values may be referred to as the capital. They assist an individual in coming up with decisions that would be vital in the growth or development of business.
Despite the size of the business, the owner will always try to inject some investment to it to make it grow further. Therefore, at no point will the growth of the business stagnate. The continuous investments that the individual continues to inject to the business is the proper indication of capital as a process and not  a thing.
As a process, capital goes through various phases. The first one is based on the continuity in making physical investments while the other one may involve the untouchable values that an individual continues to gather and uses to expand the business. Achieving the goals of the company is a process and requires continuous investment in the capital of the company.
The “ Let’s make money” documentary is a film that covers the development of a global financial system. It shows the significance of a reliable financial system in the growth of the global economy. The documentary entails exclusive economic principles that are relevant in defining the status of the global economy.
A worldwide financial system helps in controlling the economic processes. There are numerous elements that flow with the use of a standard financial system. In capitalism, the financial system is imperative. It controls the flow of certain economic elements in the economy. It is wise to note that the success of an economy highly depends on the factors that control the economy. Capitalism is a major element in the economy. It defines the principles by which trade would occur in an economy. The documentary is essential following its ability to address the issues that surround capitalism. Proper control of capitalism would impact the economy in a highly profitable manner.
Robbins “ Black box” is a proper analysis of capitalism. He defines capitalism as the ability to express proper relationship between commodities, money labor, means, as well as production. He argues that capitalists produce goods for use by others. However, they have to exchange the product with an equivalent value that will define its significance.
The argument relates to the documentary in an extensive manner. The documentary shows the significance of capitalism in the economy. It shows the significance of the capitalism to the public is to define the success of the economy. The documentary shows the efforts that capitalists employ in their works as they aim at achieving excellence and exclusive results. It shows the main goal of the capitalists as to satisfy the public by developing reliable techniques that would make it easy for the rest of the world to live.
Also, the documentary shows the significance of capitalism as a process. There are massive benefits of continuous investments that the documentary shows. According to the documentary, growth is gradual, and it has to take certain pace. The definition is an indication of the significance of continuous concern for one’s business. Growth is a process, and it requires necessary steps to achieve massive excellence. The documentary shows the significance of continuous investment in a business. The business stands for exclusive growth if the owner is involved in the continuous investment in the business. Continuity is evident through application of experience in making current situation perfect. Every entrepreneur will focus on continuous growth of the business without ignoring the significance of the values that they learn along the way. Experience is shown in the documentary as an element for growth in business. Therefore, the documentary