Good eli and oskar movie review example

Let the right one in is a Swedish film directed by Tomas Alfredson. The movie is based on the novel of Swedish writer Yuna Ayvide Lindqvist, who became the film screenwriter. This is the story of a 12 -year-old boy living in a suburb of Stockholm Blackeberg and is hurt by peers. He becomes friends a girl named Eli, who is a vampire. The film received the recognition of international critics, as well as numerous awards, including the Award for Best Feature founders Story at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2008. In Sweden, the film received four Guldbagge Awards from the Swedish Film Institute. Due to the success of the film at various film festivals, long before the release of the movie in the United States of America, independent studio “ Hammer Films” bought the rights to release the American remake of the movie. It was released in 2010.
The main characters of the movie are Oskar and Eli. Oskar is a twelve years old boy, whose parents are divorced. He lives either with his mother or with his father. Perhaps, they are good people, but they do not pay attention on their son. Oskar, meanwhile, suffers from being bullied at school. The problem is that he is too weak to respond and fight for himself. Eli is a vampire. From the movie it is not clear how long she has been a vampire. A viewer only knows that she became a vampire at the age of thirteen. She lives next door to Oskar. No wonder that one day they meet. Since that moment, their relations begin to develop. First, it is not clear what Eli needs from Oskar. She lives with a man who provides her with blood. That man kills people and drains their blood into a container to bring it to Eli. However, he is not very successful in this. In my opinion, Eli got acquainted with Oskar on purpose. She knew from the very beginning that she could not use the man forever. In Oskar Eli saw a new person who will get blood for her. In the end, one sees that Eli succeeded in that: Oskar ran away with her.
On the other hand, Oskar has his own purpose. He is bullied at school. Three boys decided that they could mock at him. Oskar hates them. on the contrary, he realizes that he cannot do anything with that. Hence, every evening he “ performs” his revenge: he pretends a tree to be the boys and stabs it with a knife. Later he gets acquainted with Eli. First, she seems weird to him because she does not wear warm clothes, although it is winter. Eli does not believe that they can be friends. Oskar falls in love with her. He invents a system of knockings on the wall so they can communicate. Day after day, they become closer to each other. In my opinion, Oskar fell in love with Eli when she visited him at night and stayed until morning.
What we see in the movie is that Eli is using Oskar. When the man died in the hospital, Eli began to communicate with Oskar more frequently. She tries to seduce the boy in different ways. First, she offers him her help. She promises that she can help him to protect himself. And she does. One day Oskar and his classmates went to a lake to skate. When Oskar’s classmate began to bully him, Oskar stroke his ear with a stick. Nobody could expect that. Iskar felt that he was strong and could protect himself. The next step in their relations was that Eli tried to seduce Oskar sexually. She took a bath in his apartment and then Oskar offered the girl to put on one of his mother’s dresses. When she was putting on the clothes, she did not close the door and Oskar could peep. That was what he did. The third step was the girl’s try to seduce Oskar with money. She showed how rich she was; Oskar saw money, jewelry and other stuff that can be sold. The last drop was when Eli saved Oskar’s life. It is rather remarkable. The point is that Oskar was already in love with Eli and after she had saved his life, he felt that he owned her something. He owned her his life. In my opinion, Eli did not have any feelings to Oskar and was only using him.
When we speak about the relations between Oskar and Eli, one may notice that they should be together. The point is that they are fitting perfectly: Eli can protect Oskar and Oskar can help her find victims. The role of a vampire in the movie is rather significant. Eli makes Oskar believe in himself and fight for his safety. Oskar was left alone in the whole world and only Eli could have opened his eyes. The boy realized that he had a friend who could help him. It did not matter to him whether his only friend was a vampire. This was the second reason why Oskar agreed to become the one who gets blood for Eli.
There are several other characters in the movie, except for the boy and the girl. There is a small community, which consists of people living in the block. When Eli arrived, she shook the community. She was a little girl living with a rather old man. It was strange. Eli was using the community for her own purpose as well. However, unlike Oskar, Eli was using the community to “ eat”. Everything Eli was doing, she was doing on purpose. She was using everyone around her.