Good critical thinking about evaluation of a video: repairing the santa monica freeway after the 1994 earthquake

1. The video entitled “ Repairing the Santa Monica Freeway after the 1994 Earthquake” shown online through YouTube illustrated the exemplary capacity and dedication of the project leader (the contractor), C. C. Myers, to complete the repair of the Santa Monica Freeway in 74 days ahead of schedule . Likewise, the video also proved that in government projects, the ability to cut through red tape had significantly assisted in completing the project ahead schedule of 140 days – which is significantly less than the initial assertion that the project would take 12 to 18 months for repair and rebuilding .
2. Therefore, this clearly proved the ability to reduce the duration of a project, as discussed in Chapter 9 of the textbook (Larson and Gray). The relevant portions that were applicable included managing versus leading the project; managing the stakeholders; as well as the Snapshot from Practice where the Project Manager as Conductor was evidently applied . Likewise, C. C. Myers possess all the qualities of an effective project manager as stipulated therein.
3. The information relayed through the video is related to the study of project management in terms of asserting that each project could be treated and evaluated separately from previous projects done on a similar scale; specifically in terms of seeing the project as a means for improvement. From what had initially been relay, a project of that scale and magnitude was projected to be rebuilt within the range of 12 to 18 months. But, with proper incentive, dedication, and teamwork (exemplary bonus for saving on costs amounting to $200, 000 per day), the project manager was able to complete the project in a significantly short duration of 66 days and enabled the team to generate a bonus of as much as $14. 8 million .

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