Good book review on my stance


Graff and Birkenstein candidly and comprehensively demystify the rhetorical moves and tricks that many students are irresolute about. It brilliantly adds to the augmentative strategies that students possess. The authors provide templates that are designed to assist students in formulating concrete and reliable argumenta that can effectively convince the readers or audience to a certain position and/or point; they prevent the creation of writing robots that interrupts conversations without perpetuating the conventional ethical standards. Ostensibly, the literature provided by the authors helps students to efficaciously enter the world of academic thinking and writing as well as prepare them for any future responsibility that requires writing, argumentation, formulation of concrete conclusion, and avoid contradictory statements and/or ideas. Moreover, the authors reiterates the significance of quoting “ what others say” or “ own ideas” and integrate it into our own masterpiece as an appropriate way of increasing the credibility, believability, and prudence of the masterpiece and convey a broader but refined idea. The ability to engage with other people’s thoughts is an imperative skill.

The kind of templates that the authors provide and recommend provides a worthy structure for the creation of academic arguments; their approach provides a simple framework that can meritoriously guide an individual to construct analytically though out academic arguments. The simplicity of the book does not portray its irrelevance in a anyway as the concepts presented portray well thought of notions, concepts, arguments, and ideas. I concur with the authors that using meta-commentary ostensibly improves the audience’ comprehension of any masterpiece. The use of materials produced by other writers expressively helps a writer to augment their argument; however, acknowledgement is obligatory through referencing and citation.