Good babies movie responding essay example

Babies represents a very interesting view and analysis of the life of a human being in the first year of conscious existence of the human being. it sheds light on the very first reactions of a human being to the world and how human beings are influenced by their surrounding from an extremely tender age. in the documentary the babies born in the first world seem to be developing faster and adapting more to their environment than their third world counterparts. This might because they are exposed to an array of activities and gadgets that speed up their growth and adaptation to the environment for example baby yoga classes. The babies from San Francisco and japan have better motor skills than their counterparts from Mongolia and Namibia. This can be attributed to their various environments and the fact that the babies from Mongolia and Namibia have absolutely no access to baby walkers or even toys that might aid their intellectual development.
The babies from Namibia and Mongolia since to have better control of their emotions. They have a relatively low temperament in comparison to that of their first world counterparts. For example baby Mari has a tendency of screaming very loudly and generally just throwing a baby tantrum whenever her demands are not met. Baby Ponijao from Namibia seems to be more synchronized with the environment than his counterparts. He seems to be developing in terms of his senses at a rate much higher than his counterparts. This might be attributed to the fact that due to his disposition the environment is al he has to work with in terms of entertainment and fun. The sense of hearing of this baby seems to be better developed compared to the other babies.