Goals /objective

Goals /Objective

Goals and Objectives I Have Set and How I Have Been Able to Attain Them Goals and objectives refer to the aims or the targets to beattained that are achievable. I have been able to set my own goals and objectives which I have successfully achieved.
My main goal is to improve my self-confidence and self-esteem. This self-esteem and confidence can be referred to as the feeling of pride about yourself and self-assuredness in a person’s ability, power and personal judgment. According to Noss’s poem ‘ Improving Her Self-esteem’, I have attained this goal through improving on my grooming, working out regularly, improving my posture, participating in class work, especially when analyzing and reviewing the themes evident in the different story books and learning from my failures, especially after a poorly done examination paper (Noss, 2010).
My second goal has been to enhance my enthusiasm and commitment towards course work. All these can be described as having a strong desire and eagerness towards class work and any other related work. I am determined just like it is portrayed in Edwin Arlington’s poem ‘ Richard Coy’ when the personas ‘ worked and waited for the light and went without meat and cursed the bread to be like Richard Coy’ (McNair, 2006). I have been able to achieve this goal through allocation of adequate time for the review of what we had been taught through discussion groups with my class mates and holding some assessment tests within ourselves to check how far we had learned. I have also been doing personal assignments which I take our course tutor and ask for clarifications in matters I don’t well comprehend.
My third goal is self awareness and actualization. This is the awareness of my own individuality. Since my class is made up of different people from different cultures, I can only achieve this by being aware of the other people’s cultures in our class and understanding other people’s attitude and feelings. Just like in Stuart’s poem ‘ The Orchard’, the persona tries to understand the boys who stone the black bird and drown a kitten. The boys don’t understand their cruelty but instead think it is a game (Stuart, 2000).
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