Global brand management essay

As brand guru Martin Lindstrom once said “ A brand is more than a word. It is the beginning of a lifetime dialogue.

” To understand the dialogue, I see myself interacting with the people from this field. The ‘ Global Brand Management’ summerim program will give me just the platform which I need to succeed. My objective of learning this course is to understand the practical application of the various marketing concepts which I have been studying for the past two trimesters at Thunderbird. This program which is being conducted in New York offers a unique opportunity to meet the executives from several top tier companies and understand their companies’ marketing and branding strategies.

I am particularly interested in the diversity of brands which will be offered in this program. It will be very interesting to get a holistic view of business from several perspectives. This exposure will provide me with the tool to understand the practical aspect of branding and marketing and prepare me to take up advanced marketing classes with ease.

I want to learn about the challenges which these executives face in their roles on a daily basis. From the sessions and company visits, I want to gain some thoughtful ideas, marketing terminologies and buzzwords which I can later deploy in the interviews and classroom discussions. I am currently a second trimester student and I am planning to keep a custom focus with an emphasis on marketing and brand management. I am an active member of Thunderbird Marketing Association and regularly attend all the events organized by the club.

Creativity and innovation have always been my biggest strengths. I am confident that I will be able to bring valuable insights for the group during this summerim program. As I am focusing on taking up several marketing courses in the future trimesters, I believe that this program will help me immensely in building a foundation for all those courses and my chosen career path. I am confident that this program will contribute towards my objective, which is to continuously strive to achieve excellence in all my endeavors.