Free thus the goals and objectives of each company are as follows research paper example


The business environment is based by diversity in market structure coupled with consumer demand. As such, the extensive diversity in business environment calls for extensive evaluation. Thus through plausible evaluation, clarity in regards to the operational mandate is evidenced. Thus, this paper will evaluate Capstone coupled with the prevailing industry aspects in regards to operational mandate through the examination of the case questions.
Based on your initial review of the CAPSIM Capstone Business Simulation, what have you have identified as the key business issues that will impact your company? Prepare to discuss this issue with the other members of your team
The industry exudes extensive collusion among the various players within the sector. Collusion shows a prevailing monopoly industry in which each sector player has similarity in market share. The similarity in market share shows that the market environment has reduced competition among the various industry players. However, I the recent market environment has been evidenced by extensive rise in competition among the various organizations within the sector (Hartley, 2013). The main cause of competition has been the disparity in demand emanating from the diverse market segments that capstone and its competitors provide goods and services.

Identify the competition, and clearly explain the goals and objectives of each company?

As aforesaid, competition emanates from market differentiation in regards to demand. Diverse market segments are emanating that the various organizations have to invest highly to sustain profitability and revenue yield.

Erie: to extensively manage the direction coupled with rate of growth in order to maintain quality, sustainability coupled with sustainability.
Capstone: to help organizations and individuals to achieve short and long term objectives through the delivery of high quality and responsive goods and services within a team oriented approach.
Describe a recent example of a monopoly industry that was dissolved. Explain your understanding of the reason why a monopoly industry would be dissolved.
The Chinese ministry of railways denoted an extensive monopoly that ran all the holistic facets of the railway industry within the country. However, in the recent years, the ministry that ran like a monopoly was dissolved and divided into various facets that handle the railway transport within the region (Hartley, 2013). Thus, from the evaluation of the dissolution of the railway sector, the two main reasons for dissolution emanated from service delivery coupled with prices charged. As such, the transport sector was charging exorbitant transport fees yet the diverse trains were not offering extensive services to the diverse clients. The service delivery led to the government reviewing the prospect of division of the sector to generate extensive competition within the market.


The market environment of operation is focused on plausible comprehension of the prevailing aspects of demand and competitor operational facets. From the above evaluation, it is evident that the disparity in demand levels has led to the increase in competition. The increased competition has led to the reduction of the monopolistic nature in which capstone operates.


Hartley, K. (2013). Problems of economic policy (Routledge revivals). New Jersey: Taylor & Francis.