Free the shift to integrated marketing communications case study sample

Integrated Marketing Campaign Folio

Executive summary
The study caters to the development integrated marketing campaign folio for Apple Inc and the market offering of the organization will be iPhone 6. The integrated marketing campaign preparation is developed for the purpose of better communication t the customers and market place. The introduction section covers the aspects of integrated marketing communication and its relatedness within the study. The literature section explains the importance of integrated marketing communication and the shift of communication from traditional strategies to integrated marketing strategies. It is important to analyze the difference between traditional communication strategies and integrated communication so as to judge the importance and effectiveness for the marketing campaign. Then after, the SWOT analysis have been conducted for the purpose of understanding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of developed marketing campaign of iPhone 6. The SMART objectives have also been developed for the purpose of understanding the main objectives of marketing campaign and the message map has been explained for better understanding of the communication message of marketing campaign within the market and industry as a whole. It will help in spreading the message to their prospective and existing customers, market across the world. The importance of media release is known in present scenario and therefore, the study have also developed the media release for proposed marketing campaign so as to promote the marketing communication of the product in a wide manner. The budget and implementation section will conduct the process of budgeting for marketing campaign and its implementation within the organization. The monitoring and evaluation is important to measure the effectiveness of proposed campaign and it is conducted as last section of study so as to understand the effective communication within the market place.


The study caters to the development of integrated marketing campaign folio for Apple iPhone 6 which has been recently launched in the market. The integrated marketing campaign will be developed with the help of various stages and final implementation of campaign will be conducted after proper evaluation and monitoring of the marketing campaign. The below sections explain the importance of integrated marketing campaign and further stages for development of effective marketing campaign for the market offering of organization.

Integrated marketing communications

Integrated marketing communications is a common approach utilized by the organizations and coordinates the communication efforts within the market place. The integrated marketing communication is considered as a comprehensive plan for evaluation of strategic roles for variety of communication and combines the disciplines of communication for better clarity, consistency and maximum impact of communication (Ross, 2010). The main idea for IMC strategy is to create a better experience for customers in context to different aspects of marketing mix within the industry. The core image of brand and message has to be reinforced for every channel of marketing communication and present as unified strategy within the market.

The organizations were utilizing different marketing communication strategies for promoting the brand in early times (Adcock, 2010). The fragmented marketing communication strategies were radio, television, media etc but now, the unified integrated marketing communication have been developed to better utilization of communication within the market. The customers have diverse needs, values and tastes and the integrated marketing communication have different approach for different customers. The strategy caters to data collection and analysis of consumer data for understanding the customer needs and then, correlates them to the promotional activities of the organization. The organization have also downsized their operations and enhanced the marketing tasks within the organization for better results within the industry (Markoff, 2006). The transition in advertising and media can be summarized with following points of consideration.
– The shift of mass media advertising multiplies the several forms of communication
– Growing popularity of niche media for consideration of individualized consumption patterns and increased differentiation according to tastes and preferences of consumers
– Decided move from the manufacturer oriented market into a retailer oriented and consumer oriented market
– Better utilization of data base marketing unlike the general focus marketing within the market (Paul, 2013)
– Enhanced accountability in advertising
– Compensation are based on performance for increased sales and benefits to the organization
– Enhanced focus on the development of marketing communication activities for better development of value and increased benefits within the market.

Marketing communication campaign for Apple iPhone 6

It is necessary to develop a marketing communication campaign for iPhone 6 so as to promote the market offering in an appropriate manner. The other mobile manufacturers see the mobile as utility product and inexpensive but Apple is opposite and see their products as cool and friendly and up market products. The company has created the brand culture in which the customers get attracted to every launch in an easy manner and get passionate about the brand community in a considerable manner. The consumers identify the brand with the innovativeness of brand and their products. The latest gadget of Apple is iPhone 6 and the marketing campaign proposed in “ Think different” campaign for the company. The Apple fans are always loyal to the brand and they always seek for latest gadget of company to be with them and wait in line for hours for the product (Stumo, 2010). The marketing campaign has to define the brand values and culture of the brand in an appropriate manner. The marketing campaign communicates the stand of brand in market and the sharing of values via digital communities through social media, blogs; meet ups so as to connect with the brand within the market.

Importance of brand

The brand is very important for the organization and all the market offerings of brand so as to communicate the brand in prospective market within the industry. The importance of brand can be understood by the conducting proper advertising campaign within the organization (Kotler, 2011). The brand constitutes of five major elements which are mentioned below for better clarification of the study.
– Familiarity- Brands like Apple Inc is very familiar to the market and therefore, the market offering of the brand iPhone 6 is familiar and connect to the consumers in an easy manner.
– Value- The value of the brand and market offerings is important to sustain in the competitive market (Wong, 2011). The selling of high end products has to provide value to the consumers and then only, the customer pay for the worth and values.
– Quality- The quality is always important for the consumers and therefore, the brand quality is a major constituent for the brand. The quality is verified for Apple Inc and all its market offerings.
– Relevant- Relevance of brands is major constituent of brand and the actual quality of iPhone 6 have to be indicated to the consumers within the market place (Schultz, 2008).
– Consistency- The consistency of brand has to be maintained to sustain in the market and it is evident that the products of Apple have sustained with consistency within the market.

Brand Equity

Brand equity is utilized as a phrase in marketing which describes the value of having a good brand name and based on the basic idea of well known name for more generation of revenues from the brand name. The belief of consumers on well known name creates better brand equity within the market (Halborg, 2010). It is evident that the Apple iPhone 6 is a very well known brand with strong brand equity and therefore, the brand equity of company will enhance further financial values to the brand owner in a considerable manner.

SWOT analysis of marketing campaign

– Strengths- The marketing campaign selected for Apple iPhone 6 is “ Think different” in which the Apple Inc. have to advertise the slogan for iPhone 6 and the advertising will be done with the particular image of innovative consumers using the product of company.
– Weaknesses – The major weakness of this marketing campaign relates to the traditional style in print advertising. The marketing campaign was communicated as a very prominent featuring brand rather than the product in the market.
– Opportunities – There is always a demand for high technology and communication and word of mouth in market. The marketing campaign communicates the brand image and benefits of product in a well manner and therefore, the campaign have high opportunity to develop more customer base within the market (Armstrong, 2011).
– Threats – The marketing campaign have some threats related to matters of communication because the proper message should be communicated to the customers.

SMART objectives

The SMART objectives of marketing campaign for Apple iPhone 6 have to b set in an appropriate manner so that they can be achieved for betterment of company. The SMART objectives stand for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound objectives. The objectives of marketing campaign are as follows:
– The measurable objective is to sell more products as compared to earlier numbers.
– The realistic goal for Apple products is to achieve the desirable brand image and consistency in the brand in long run.
– The projected sales and growth of product have to reach the target in a time period of six months.

Message map for marketing campaign

A message map is foundation of the communication related to the organization and the specific product is iPhone 6. It is a tool utilized to populate the message into various tactics. The core message for Apple products is to develop innovative culture and sustain the brand. The message map for marketing campaign of Apple iPhone 6 is indicated in below figure for better clarification of study.
The core message is the brand position for the marketing campaign and it have major impact on the sponsors, employees, consultants, stakeholders, investors, customers, media and other related associates within the organization.

Media release for marketing campaign

The media release for the marketing campaign of Apple iPhone 6 relates to the launching of latest iPhone 6 in the market. The Apple Inc. knows to create the buzz in the market with the consumers as well as media. The company effortlessly dominates the media and holds a special place in the mind and heart of consumers. This marketing campaign has to decide on media release for better results of the IMC campaign within the industry (Ryans, 2009). There are some major tactics of media release by the company which are to be utilized within the market campaign. They are as follows:
– Cultivation of secrecy and create the buzz in market
– Creation of illusion for enhancement of demand
– Focus on friendly experience of customers’
– Design and packaging concentration
– Passionate brand community for better brand values.

Budget and implementation timeline

This section layout the spending requirements of the marketing campaign to meet the objectives of plan. The budget issues need to be addressed before implementation of marketing campaign plan for appropriate results. The marketing campaign plan expenses budget are indicated with the help of below graph for better clarification within the study.
The above figure indicates that the marketing expense budget in figures so as to understand the budget of proposed marketing campaign. The ratio of total sales and marketing expenses is also indicated to understand the comparison of input and output within the organization.
The above graph indicates the yearly marketing campaign expense budget in various categories such as social media, page generation and others. The budget will increase year by year according to the growth of organization.

Campaign monitoring and evaluation measures

The marketing campaign has to be monitored and evaluated with certain measures for increasing the results (Esther, 2012). The evaluation of marketing investments has to be monitored by several initiatives such as measurement of specific marketing campaign results, identification of key customer segments and marketing tactics for attracting more customers, indicating the worst activities within the marketing campaign, monitoring the voice of customers and acting positively on the feedback of customers.


In last, it can be considered that the marketing campaign decided for the Apple iPhone 6 is feasible according to various testing measures. The budget and expenses summary have also indicated the sales ratio for evaluation of performance of the company. The implementation of marketing campaign will be helpful for better launch and success of the market offering of the organization.


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