Free research paper on delta air facebook analysis

Delta Airlines is an American airline which has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. It carries out its operation locally and internationally in six continents. The company was officially unveiled in 1959, although it has a history before that as a cargo carrying airline that merged with several other companies. The company has grown greatly since 1959 to have a current revenue of over 37 billion and over 75, 000 employees under the leadership of Richard H. Anderson as the CEO and Edward Bastian as the President. In the long run, the goal for brands such as Delta Airlines on Facebook necessarily involves engaging customers or potential customers and to promote messages. The Facebook presence and engagements of the people in Facebook towards Delta Airlines has been analyzed in the paper.
Time is of the essence when it comes to social media such as Facebook. The knowledge on when to post a status update, a video, a URL or an image can make a difference in its effectiveness of the company’s Facebook presence. In any case, it is not of any benefit to share a video early in the morning if your readers, fans or customers are typically not active until late in the day. The best time to engage customers depends on the target market.
According to the statistics given, most of the best informational and transformational updates are those that are text and image based, text and URL and text, image and URL based updates. People are more responsive to the updates composed of texts and an image, texts and URL and text, URL and an image. People take the initiative to comment on such as compared to text based updates since the images capture their interests making them actually want to know the update that has the image. Also, Facebook displays photos are more prominently displayed as compared to thumbnails. Also from the data given, the engagement shares increase on the updates with text and an image or video or both as compared to updates with text only or text, video and URL since the person visiting the page, for instance follows the URL and may fail to go back and share the video. Most of the Delta Airline customers, according to the data given prefer visual marketing world. Therefore, the company should put more emphasis on the text and video updates and texts and image updates to improve on the fan engagement in commenting and sharing on the updates in Facebook. The difference is large, and it emphasizes a huge opportunity for Delta Airline Company to use photos, images and video based updates as a means to increase likes, shares and comments. Furthermore, Delta Airline marketers should be more open to using interesting images to their advantage to increase traffic to their Facebook page as long as they remember to include links in form of URLs.
The highest number of likes, shares and consequently weighted engagement average on them can be seen to be highest on Monday, Wednesday and over the weekend i. e. Saturday and Sunday. On Tuesday, the number of likes and the weighted average goes lower than on Monday and so do the number of shares on updates. Weekday usage is pretty steady; however, Monday at 6: 00a. m is consistently the busiest period. On Thursday and Friday the number of likes goes down and hence the engagement level.
Further down, it is safe to assume that most people check their Facebook pages in the morning at around 6. 00a. m and 11. 00a. m and in the evening around 6. 00p. m to 8. 00p. m due to the number of shares, likes and comments. Although most posts and comments appear around morning and evening, posts published in the evening tend to perform better than those published in the morning in terms of comments. Therefore, evening is the best time to update statuses for the company. The number of comments, however, are more in the evenings hence the best time to get response on all days from people, is in the evening.
The most dominant strategy is the concentration of most updates in the morning and evenings when there is heavy presence in Facebook for maximum interaction with the clients. Also, the most dominant strategy is the use of text and images for more likes. Also the use of text and image or video or text and URL leading back to the company’s website, for instance, is the best way to garner comments, shares and likes to get the public’s view on an issue and consequently engagement levels.
The world revolves around social media and the interaction is needed for every company. Social media, especially Facebook has brought customers and the company closer together than ever before. The company, Delta Airlines is best recognized for customer service and if the company improves its quality and level of customer service then brand awareness may increase hence increasing engagement in Facebook in terms of customer reviews. Delta Airlines Company improves on good customer service since most customers just need to be listened to. Many customers simply want to know that they’re being heard. So when a customer posts something on the company’s Facebook wall, time should be taken to understand what has been written and quick response should be given to the customer. If there has been a problem, it’s important for the company to take full responsibility. A simple apology is often all that is needed. One goal of Facebook customer service is to prove that Delta Airlines Company is easy to work with and will do whatever it can to help answer questions, address concerns, and resolve problems with the air transport offered. To achieve the goal, generosity should be exercised when dealing with Facebook fans and customers. Customer care services department is the department that maintains long relations with the customers especially when it comes to the social media like Facebook. It can boost or destroy our customers as it is public. If it is handled with seriousness the results and engagement can be beyond expectations.
In conclusion, the above should be properly manipulated to get the best responses, engagement and exposure from Facebook. Since the data shifts as usage patterns shift, it can be manipulated to come up with better figures. There is more to knowing when users are active to designating an update schedule. After all, if Delta Airlines Company pushed out all content at the same time, users would be overwhelmed and the net gain may disappear. Still, following this type of usage patterns is an important part of maximizing the way brands and users can communicate. With knowledge of the dominant strategies, the Facebook presence of Delta Airlines can be maximized.