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Presentations are meant to pass certain information or rather teach a given audience about the intended topic. In my presentation, I chose to write about HIV/AIDS in order to target the audience who were mostly the adolescent. The rate of HIV/AIDS infection is on the rise in the world and more specifically the adolescent who are starting to practice sex. The purpose of the topic was to make the audience to be aware of the presence of AIDS and its effects. The topic was more of scientific approach since many of the audience were scholars and could understand best the scientific structure of the virus.

The outline of the flow of my presentation was as follows:

– Introduction.
– History.
– Blood Cells.
– Anatomy of HIV Virus.
– Transmission and Risk factors.
– Prevention and Symptoms.
– Types and Classification.
– Conclusion.
The introduction part of the presentation focuses on the definition of the virus and introduces how it can be transferred. While the history part talked about how the virus came into existence and how it has killed people so far. The blood cells explained how this deadly virus affects the white blood cells and the duration it takes to become worse.
I also talked a bout the anatomy of the HIV virus. This was its structure and how it survives in the blood cells of the human beings. This showed how this virus has complicated structure of which it can use to thrive in as many conditions as possible.
The next part of my presentation talked a bout transmission and risk factors. This part explained now in details how this particular virus can be transmitted from one person to another through various means such as sex and an unsterilized needle used by an infected person. The main point here was to put it clear that HIV/AIDS can only be transmitted by an infected person to the next person who is not infected. The risks of this disease as depicted by this chapter are how it can make someone’s life to be horrible and more so it can lead to death.
The symptoms and prevention part of the presentation explained a lot the symptoms of this disease and how it can be presented. The best method which was agreed upon by the audience is through abstinence. They audience also learned about the types of this virus and how they can be classified. Finally the whole topic was concluded by summarizing everything which had been discussed and giving out the recommendations. Several questions were received from the audience and they got satisfying answers.
The audiences were satisfied by the kind of visual aids I used. This included pi-charts and pictures which were easy to read and interpreted. The visual aids were selected on the basis that some of the sub-topics could not be easily understood by the audience therefore I was forced to present them diagrammatically. The message was drawn home as per the feedback I got from the entire audience.
I was able to conclude that the message I was passing across went through by noticing the high rate of concentration of the audience during my presentation. Many at times, the audiences tend to sleep at the middle of presentation but mine was different because the entire people who were in the whole kept on clapping at me at intervals.
I the ease all along while preparing my presentation except during finding the visual aids. First and foremost, I could not figure out whether my audience could interpret the types of visual aids I could present to them. I had to consult a lot before arriving at the appropriate visual aids. I rehearsed a lot and conducted a thorough and tiresome research a bout this part and fortunately, finally came out with the right ones.
I had to use credible sources in order to come up with clear information about the whole topic. The three creditable sources for this topic are written at the reference page. The reason why I chose them is because of their relevancy and simplicity towards the topic. Deeper and understandable explanations are gotten from those sources. A source should be evaluated to determine the credibility and objectivity of its content as this will help to access its benefits to my argument. Academic and professional researchers must use credible sources because if not so, a researcher might be basing his or her arguments on a source whose authenticity cannot be ascertained. It can hence be argued that institutional sources such as AIU Online Library can be used as references as their work are credible.
A credible source should be able to clearly state the author of a publication, the publisher, audience, currency or timeliness of the information and an abstract of the content. It can therefore be argued that sources found from the AIU Online Library are credible for they provide all those information that characterizes a source to be credible and objective. Contrary, the sources from internet search engines may seems to also provide all that information but there credibility and objectivity cannot be ascertained as anyone can upload his or her work from any part of the world that may not be true. A good example of incredible source from the internet is Wikipedia which can be edited by anybody at any time. The person might distort the information and turn it to be incredible.
When given chance to perform any presentation next time is it oral or online, I will start very early to get time for rehearsal before facing the audience. Presentation is something which must be coherent and comprehensive and one need to stick to the point the point right from the beginning up to the end. Next time I would like to be as audible as possible as per the number of people I am addressing.
In conclusion, one need to remember to know in advance the type of audience he/she is going to address, one need also to know how to set the stage of presentation as it catches the attention of the audience. The next thing to be remembered is that one need not to speak or run the slide too slowly or too quickly for everyone to understand and even take notes on the topic presented. The audiences must also be made free to ask questions and in return, receive satisfying answers. All in all my presentation was successful measured by the manner in which I received several positive feedbacks. Some also told me a bout few weaknesses I had and of which I mentioned above and promised to improve on next time.


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