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Tim Hortons is a company that was named after and owned originally by a professional hockey player. Over the years, and to date, Tim Hortons has remained to be a leader in the coffee shop and donut industry in North America. The company was founded in 1964 and is continually growing and expanding, which means that new staff should be recruited to join the over 100, 000 employees currently employed (Tim Hortons, 2014). The company has elaborate recruitment policies that guide the process of hiring new staff. The company is committed to a fair and accessible equal employment practices ( Rose, 2014). The company is against any practices that would jeopardize the fairness of the recruitment process. Its employment standard is in accordance with the existing requirements of the Ontario Human Rights Code and other labor regulations. This includes the right to inform the disabled on the available positions in the company. It is committed to taking steps to inform the team members and the public of the availability of accommodations for applicants (Rose, 2014). The applicants for the advertized positions should be over the age of 16 years and should have the necessary skills and qualifications appertaining to the job. Successful applicants are then subjected to a standard interview process that would assess and select them. Successful applicants are then notified and given the dates when they would commence job-related training and work (Application Online, 2014).
Human resource plays an important role in Tim Hortons. It is the department that ensures the planning, coordinating and directing of the human resource management activities within the company to maximize the use of the human resources in accordance with the established practices and in support of the human resource strategies. The specific activities carried out by the human resources include, but are not limited to, recruitment and selection of new employees, performance management, succession planning, employee relations, employee development (training) and communication. Additionally, the department is tasked with the function of employee compensation, personnel policies and regulatory compliance. As a key department within the company, human resources provides the company with the necessary structure and the ability to meet its business needs through the management of the company’s most valuable resources, the employees.
Tim Hortons is a company that has greatly embraced technology. Its hiring process has greatly been enhanced using the current electronic media. Vacant positions within the company are advertised through the company’s website where applicants can search and find them. Applicants for the various positions are required to create an online profile which focuses on their background information, contact information, education, work experience and availability (Application Online, 2014). Successful applicants are usually contacted by the hiring personnel within a week of applying to inform them of their interview dates or phone screening. If not contacted within a week, the applicants may choose to contact various stores via telephone on the status of their application. Unsuccessful candidates receive messages via their email addresses. With the growing use of social media, some of the open positions are also advertized on the social media websites such as LinkedIn.
Tim Hortons has greatly embraced technology in its human resource. Technology plays an important role in the recruitment and hiring of employees. The hiring process mainly relies on the company’s website and other communication technologies such as the mobile phones and email. Technology also provides a way by which the human resource department communicates with the employees regarding various issues. Technology has greatly enhanced the activities of the human resource department with regards to the management of the employees to meet the company’s goals and objectives. It can be concluded that it is impossible for the human resources to carry out their functions within the company without the use of modern technologies. Technology has enhanced all processes and has been incorporated in almost every function of the department. Without these new technologies, the company would suffer a great deal with regard to employee management and recruitment.


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