Free pros and cons of social media argumentative essay example

Ladies and gentlemen, it comes a time when we have to analyze our lives and determine what benefits us and to what extent. Every now and then a new gadget with sophisticated apps is invented to the delight of everyone. We do not hesitate to rush to the market unconsciously competing for the most recent, trendy phone, laptop, etc. and brag of the new social sites and apps that we can access. Perhaps as I am talking now, someone is on Facebook or twitter updating how he or she is enjoying the day. Perhaps, one is answering a message or even pretending to be busy since I am boring! That is the tragedy of the social media.
There are several benefits of social media. Today, majority of the people have at least used a social site if not heard about. The social networks have changed the way we do things, such as organizing meetings, connecting with friends, real-time chatting, among others. One just needs to post or create a group or a group chat on Facebook where individuals can deliberate on various matters. In addition, we connect with friends and keep in touch regardless of the physical distant. The social sites help in spreading emergency response information in case of disasters. It is common for people to post on the current matters affecting the society. For example, the New York police have been using twitter since 2011 to help in tracking criminals. Criminals may have nowhere to hide as they can be traced easily from among crowds courtesy of critical social media users like you.
On the contrary, social site usage is causing some critical damage in the society. Picture a newlywed couple that keeps on chatting on their social sites for many hours in a day. Such limits the time they have for each other. In our work places, the bosses have to keep a close eye on the employees to monitor their social site usage. As more and more employees use social sites while at work stealing working hours from their employers, their productivity decreases rapidly. At home, children have reduced the contact time with parents. They engage endlessly on the social sites where they chat with friends. Some use anonymous names and participate in some not-so-good blogs that are detrimental to their developmental milestones. Child predators are on the loose, always stalking your beautiful son or daughter to ruin her or him. They are vicious, merciless and since they are able to use the social network anonymously, they are a serious threat to the young generation. The problem of social media is so big that we require tech-detoxification. To conclude ladies and gentlemen, although social sites are helpful, they are causing more damage than good, yet no one wants to live without it. It is for this reason I recommend every one of us to considerer tech detoxification to reduce the effects of technology and social networks. Thank you. God bless you all.