Free price breakdown for timekeeper essay example

One has to keep in mind that Timekeeper is sophisticated machinery, and the upcoming product will operate both at digital and mechanical levels. The team made of highly trained professionals in the fields of mechanical and software engineering will have to sit together in order to design the resultant offering.
The investors have to bear the major chunk of the cost in terms of periodical payments those developers of the Timekeeper would receive during the execution of the project. Three digital developers would work as a team in order to come up with basic digital design of the product that would sufficiently operate on windows and handhelds. This phase would take 3 to 6 months to complete.
The mechanical engineers have to intake the design, and conjointly work with the fundamental designers in order to understand the makeover of Timekeeper. The secondary team has to develop a digital kernel that would help both of the product’s versions to interact. The core group of digital engineers would receive a series of payments those would contain $150 each for the first six months of development.
The digital developers will belong to India. In the second phase, the team of three mechanical engineers would become a part of the organization, and each of the participants would earn compensation of $10, 000/month. The second stage of the undertaking would last for 4 to 6 months. Afterwards, senior digital and mechanical engineers would exert themselves regarding removal of bugs in the system, and within two months, the product will attain its final shape. Following in the price breakdown structure of the Timekeeper: –


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