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UC Application #2

Keep Calm and face the world—Everyday, I replay this mantra in my head to remind me to stay calm despite being surrounded by noise and distractions. You see, I would never define myself as the typical life of the party type; instead I’m the total opposite. I enjoy solitude because there I can deeply collect my ideas and see situations in a new perspective. To simply put it, I feel more productive and creative when I am not surrounded by an overwhelming amount of attention. But do not get the wrong idea; I do not have a people-phobia (if ever there is such). I just like observing and analyzing because it allows me to come up with innovative ideas. I remember when I was young; I would often play with Lego sets. While other kids my age were busy running around the streets, I was caught up with building structures and learning about the instructions.
When I was building my Legos, I felt that I was doing something productive and that someday I want to build something out of the ordinary. Because of that mentality, I grew up as a proactive person. I analyze situations before acting because I do not want to aggravate something out of impulse. No matter what aspect of my life it is whether it is in relationships or work, I handle them with caution and creativity. I can think out of the box and, in some instances, I can think even without that box.
Contrary to what people think, introverts are not social freaks, we can also give vibrancies to things (it may just take time, but we’ll get there) It just a matter of how we express ourselves. I seek silence because it is there that I find myself. Some people may not understand my reasons for it, but I am proud of who I am. I may sound or appear strange in the opinion of other people, but hey, what can I do this is who I am. I feel that it takes a lot of courage to accept who you are as a person and with that I am extremely proud of what I turn out to be. A striking quote by Robert Greene once said, ” Sweet are the thoughts that savor of content, the quiet mind is richer than a crown.” I have a mind that carries with it limitless ideologies that hopes that one day it can spark a change in society. I do not go with the flow because I want to start my own trend. I also do not aim to be the center of attraction, but I seek to let my actions do the talking.