Free oracle products and services essay sample

One of the products of Oracle is Sales Force Automation. This is the software that is provided through the Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The purpose of the product is to help the sales people to understand the patterns that are displayed by the customers. This is a crucial aspect of the management of sales in many organizations. There are many features that the Oracle CRM system has been integrated in order to ensure that there is better management and optimization of sales in the company. The software ensures that sales representatives have the required information about customers. This is an essential component of the sales force team because of the requirement to have information about the clients for better ways in which they can be reached. The Oracle CRM enables mobile sales people and managers to get the customer data that will help them in the various and different places that they go.
The cloud-based CRM of Oracles has been designed to ensure that there is more information that will be available for managers. The sales people will be able to sell more items than when using traditional methods of sales. The sales people are able to get the information that is needed to increase sales to the market. The Oracle cloud-based CRM also allows managers to understand the patterns that are needed to push the sales to further and greater heights (Oracle, 2014: Oracle Sales Cloud – Sales Force Automation).
Another product is that of Oracle Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) management. This product is part of Oracle Fusion Application suite of applications. This product was developed so that it could be used to analyze the governance, the risk compliance levels of the Oracle products and other applications. The product enables users to discover some insightful information about the governance, risk, and compliance levels in any organization. With the use of this product, the organizations are able to manage the processes that are used for management and enhancement. This is a crucial role that should be used in risk, governance, and compliance management in organizations. The product also enables organizations to undertake enforcement of controls in the different applications within an organization. This is a vital aspect that helps organizations be able to have a way in which they will be able to understand the levels of management and controls. There is risk and financial control governance with the use of this product. It has a way in which the various controls are achieved using the three GRC applications of governance, intelligence, and management (Oracle, 2014). Oracle Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management: The New Standard for Risk Management and Compliance).
Another product is that of Oracle Cloud Service. This is a product that enables organizations to have a backend to a collaborative and intuitive hub. There is the use of latest technologies, which have been integrated together with rich set of operational capabilities. The SaaS is based in subscriptions which enable clients to know the pricing of the service that is offered. There is the use complete ERP service. ERP cloud service enables organizations to be able to get the latest technologies that are used to manage the various controls in these organizations. The cloud service, from Oracle, has been tailor-made for global use because it has compatibility with different languages and currencies. The user experience is modern so that customers are able to connect in a mobile office. They will also be able to have collaborative customer experience. The benefits of this product are that it has little initial costs which enable clients to run fast. Another benefit is that there are consistent business processes across the many implementations. It enables managers to make informed decisions. There is also the elimination for expensive customizations. The users are able to adapt to the system faster and with the flexibility that is required (Oracle (2014, Oracle ERP cloud service).


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