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Through My Eyes

Through My Eyes is a motivational memoir written by Tim Tebow in conjunction with Nathan Whitaker. It was first published on 31/05/2011 by the Harper Publishing House. The 272 page book is about the turbulent and blissful life experiences of Tim. It hence, intensively covers his birth, youthful and adult life especially his aspirations for a successful career in football( Carlson, N., 2011). He therefore, uses his own personal experiences to sensitize the readers to be so industrious and use the available opportunities to make the society better.

Question two

In this question, I will write a 10 day diary for Mr. Tim Tebow. As already mentioned, it will cover events directly linked to the stories and episodes from this memoir.

6: 00-8: 00:

I woke up, took a shower and a glass of hot coffee then Run to the gym for a usual fitness test. On reaching there, I was rudely welcomed by Mr. Johannes, my instructor for being late. I defied his orders then he engaged me into a dwell. After a colleague intervened, I was allowed to train.

8: 30-11: 00:

I went to the camp to attend a usual theoretical training under the supervision of Mr. Urban Meyer. I found it very difficult to cope up with this theoretical work. Mr. Urban however openly said that I should not be worried because I was the type of trainees who learn by repeated practical sessions.

12: 00-1: 30 p. m.:

I drove back to our house for a lunch break. My mum comforted me for the kind of the ordeal I found myself in. she encouraged me to be humble, respect my instructors and prepare for a successful career in future.

2: 00-6: 00 p. m.:

I went back to the pitch for a practical training session under Urban. It was so interesting. I enjoyed myself a lot.

6: 00-10: 00 p. m.:

I drove back home, took a cold bath and relaxed with my family. Later, I had supper in the company of my entire family before retiring to the bed.

6: 00-8: 00 a. m.:

I woke up early as usual, took a shower then had a cup of hot coffee before proceeding to the gym for a fitness exercise. I had a peaceful exercise under the supervision of Mr. Johannes with whom I had clashed the previous day.

8: 30-11: 00 a. m.:

I went to the camp to attend a usual theoretical training under the supervision of Mr. Urban Meyer. I found it very difficult to cope up with this theoretical work. It was so interesting. I put more efforts and concentrated a lot as he trained me.

12: 00-1: 30 p. m.:

I went back home for lunch. I ate a lot of well cooked food. My mum made me an enjoyable meal that I took in the company of my dad. Then I relaxed in my room up to very late. I had a break on this day because we did not have any training today.

7: 00-10: 00 p. m.:

After dinner, we had an interactive discussion with the family members. My mother strongly supported my career choice. I was very happy for it.

6: 00-8: 00 a. m.:

I woke up as usual and went to the gym for a fitness exercise.

8: 30-6: 00 p. m.:

I was feeling a head ache. I went to consult my physician. I therefore failed to attend any training today. I later spent the whole day having a siesta in my room.

8: 00-9: 00 p. m.:

After a prayer session conducted by my dad, I went for an early sleep in my room.
I asked for permission from Mr. Urban not to attend any training today. After an attendance by my physician in my room, I had a rest the whole day. However, my condition became better.

9: 00 am

I hosted a delegation from my charity group. After their encouragement, I went to the pitch for whole day training in preparation for the weekend game.

7: 00 p. m.:

I went back home to take supper and relax with my family. I enjoyed a chat with my family before going to bed.
This was a free day when we were not supposed to attend any training. We usually rest on this day. However, I went out to attend to the beneficiaries of my charity organization. I spent the whole day serving them. On this day, I added 20 more beneficiaries to the initial list.

8: 00 a. m.:

I went to the camp to stay there and have full day training in preparation for tomorrow’s game. We spent the whole day training. We never went back home. We spent in the pitch.

7: 00 a. m.-12: 00 p. m.:

We woke up, took a shower and attended four hour training.
2: 00-6: 00 p. m.:
We hosted AFC team. I insisted on praying immediately before the game. We later won 2-0 and again insisted on praying after the game. We again spent the night at the camp.
This was my Sabbath day. I spent the whole of it in the church. I preached, sang in the choir and listened to other speakers before engaging in a Bible discussion up to late in the evening before driving back home.
I was chauffeured to the pitch to leave for Maryland to attend a friendly mach which we were sure of winning. On reaching there, we lost the game 3-0 even after my repeated prayer.

Question three

Thank you very much Mr. Tim for writing a motivational book. Basically, you did this as a memoir to unveil to us the readers the kind of life you have lived from your childhood up to your successful career in Florida. In deed, this book is so inspirational because, at 23, you were able to beat all the odds and write a must read book I ever read in my life.
I specifically like the way you put your ideas in the text. Your interactions with Nathan, as a co-author make it become more clear and easy for ant reader to make it out. I am marveled at the way you openly and confidently inform us about your troubled birth in Philippines where your parents worked as missionaries, your childhood experience with the T-Ball, accomplished college life and the successful football and charitable support to the underprivileged in the society.
I like the way you advise the general readers on what to do both for themselves and for others. More precisely, I am marveled at the way you appreciate the role of your dear mum. In your own words; you describe her as ‘ an extra ordinary mom who raised an extra ordinary son.’ This makes you dedicate the hard earned trophy to her. I also like it when you recognize the role of your only father and your supportive coach. This actually instills in us the spirit of appreciation to anyone who has at least made a contribution in our lives.
I also like the way you advise the youth to refrain from bad companies. I strongly agree that peer pressure is very detrimental and should be avoided at all costs. It is not necessary for the youth to ‘ conform.’ Everyone should decide and act autonomously without an unnecessary due pressure from a given clique. Instead, we should never ‘ feel averaged because we were not created to be like that. Instead, we should be responsible for how we use our plat form to positively transform ourselves and others.’
However, if I were to rewrite this book, I would not use a monotonous dialogue as you used. I would adopt an interactive approach especially if I were to include other co-authors like Nathan. I think this would make the story so captivating. Besides, I would not have written a memoir at this tender age. It would actually make me lack what stories to tell and instead be futuristic.

Question four

A memoir is a kind of autobiographical work that gives more information about the author. Despite the fact that Through My Eyes incorporates two writers, I will absolutely and defiantly declare Tim as the protagonist. It therefore, means that my questions will be directly shot to him.
I would like you to explain to me who inspired you to develop a great interest in foot ball. It seems as if there was some force behind this. Is it your mother? Is it why you constantly refer to her as extra ordinary?
This does not come out clearly in your text. Will you also tell me why you prefer your mum to your dad? Is it that he has been so harsh on you or wanted you to pursue another line in life? Consequently, will you explain to me why you chose to pray during tournaments? Is it that you were praying for victory or appeasing God? You should explain this to me because it has made your critics argue that God has no role to play in ball games. If not, is it true that God has no role to play as they claim?
Finally, I would like you to explain to me why you chose not reject the extra time allotted to you by the school authorities yet your dyslexic conditions was considered a disability by the American law. This coupled with the fact that you chose to write your autobiography at a tender age makes me be so worried about your hurry in life. Why did you not wait a little longer to get something to infiltrate into your memoir? I think this makes you be impatient in life.
The timing of your memoir makes it be so futuristic because, as critics assert, you lack episodes to include as the story unfolds. Your story is therefore, left hanging. It is not fully complete. So, if I were you, I would have concentrated on what I have achieved during my entire life, not what I aspire to achieve at some later date. This will not leave the reader yearning for more- they will be fully satisfied.


Carlson, N. (2011) University of Florida Football Vault: The History of the Florida Gators. Atlanta: Whitman Publishing Company.