Free essay on my scholarship application

Each one of us who has any ambition at all has at least some idea of what we intend to do with our life – who we want to be. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by and wanted to be involved with aviation. As time has passed and I have gained further knowledge about the aviation industry, my objectives have become more sharply defined, more focused. I love studying anything and everything associated with aviation and am now certain beyond any doubt that my ultimate goal is to become a Vice-President in the maintenance arm of Saudi Arabian Airlines, and in order to achieve that I need to first achieve my shorter-term goals, which are:
– Then – after I graduate – to apply to major in Aeronautical Science for my MSc, along with two minors – Operation and Management;
Obtaining this scholarship is important to me on two counts. Very much the first reason is so that I can continue along my chosen path to complete the various stages of my higher education. And secondly, a reason of simple necessity, because I do not have the financial means to proceed without a scholarship.
– I previously studied for an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering diploma and graduated from the Royal Jordanian Air Academy;
– In 2009 I worked for Saudi Arabian Airlines as an aircraft maintenance technician for one year;
– I have taken various airline and aviation-related courses, including ones on human factors and safety;
– I obtained an Aircraft and Power plant (A&P) license;
– My Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score was 90;
– I am proud to say that I was put on the Dean’s List in the university because I had achieved a GPA score to date of 3. 94.
Overall, I believe I have just about an ideal background and proven aptitude and abilities to progress in my studies associated with the aviation industry. The award of a scholarship will make all the difference – making it possible for me to continue my studies and to obtain – in due course – my MSc in Aeronautical Science, then a PhD in Aerospace Engineering. At that point I know that I will then be eminently qualified to work towards my longer term career objective of becoming a VP with Saudi Arabian Airlines.
Without overselling myself, I am sure that with my relevant background, the studies I have already undertaken, and my practical experience having worked for Saudi Arabian Airlines, plus my burning ambition to succeed in my chosen field of aviation, I will in the future be able to justify the faith invested in me by awarding me this scholarship to continue my education.
Thank you.