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China with an official name as People Republic of China (PRC) is a country located in East of Asia. It is known as the most populous country of the world with population of more than 1. 35 million. The company has a Gross Domestic Product amounting to US$ 8. 227 trillion in the fiscal year 2012 with per capita income of US$ 6, 076. The country did a fantastic job even at the time of economic crisis (China Economic Outlook, 2008-2012). The comparison of the economic indicators would be associated with the economic indicators of the United States.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is basically an indicator of economics that deals with the total amount of products produce and sell out in a country. Mentioned below is the chart manifesting the GDP of China and United States,


Unemployment is yet another important tool used to analyze that how much people in a country are unemployed. The comparison of China and United States (US) in this stance is mentioned below,


The comparative graph of United States and China is mentioned below,
The inflation rate of the US is comparatively lower than that of China in the selected years, which is a positive sign from the viewpoint of the country. The average inflation rate of China in five years is 5. 1% while it is 3. 58% for US, showing a net difference of 1. 52%.

Current Account Balance

Current account balance of the selected countries are mentioned below,


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