Free depression & suicide article review sample

In his talk, Kevin Breel talks of depression, through sharing his own experience. Kevin points on how people live with depression all their lives without coming out, due to fear of stigmatization by the society. Kevin shears how depression almost saw him commit suicide. In his talk, he argues that he lives two different lives, one, which everybody sees, and the other, which only he knows about. Kevin asks people living with depression to come out and help shun the ignorance that surrounds depression.
One of the main points that are passed by both the text and Kevin is the idea that most consider depression as an identity rather than an issue. Both concur that the issue needs to be tackled in public by coming out. According to both sources, not recognising the problem can eventually lead to suicide. According to the text depression, I brought about by once negative fears. Both Kevin and the text seem to agree that the result of a silent, depressed life is suicide.
The programme will be focused on looking at three signs that will tell whether a student is going through depression. The first signs that one should look out for, while screening for depressed students, is withdrawal. Although some may mingle, most tend to spend most of their time alone. The second sign is the lack of self-esteem. The students seem to belittle themselves and lack confidence in anything, hence, letting go of their own personal hygiene. The third sign that one should look for is a student starts writing about death and lacks value in the life he or she is living. To implement this program, lectures and students themselves would be encouraged to open up and learn the three steps to depression. By learning this, they will be able to identify when their students or friends are going through depression. The main strategy that would be used in the implementation of the strategy is word of mouth.