Free cultural studies & diversity essay example

The concept and ideology of diverged cultures in the world have come into the limelight with the increased philosophy of globalization, and internationalization. The stated issues have led to increased human interaction from across the world in many aspects that touch on social, political as well as economic matters. In the recent times, there has been the observed increase in terms of technological, and innovation’s improvement across the world. This has facilitated and enhanced the observed increased human interaction. However, this paper analyzes the importance of cultural studies and diversity in the contemporary times.
It is important for people to be educated about the relevance of understanding cultural and diversity. The world currently has been termed as the “ global village”. This means that it has now been reduced to a small area in terms of ease of access in many aspects. Understanding culture and diversity empowers one to appreciate humanity making it possible to enhance and propose peaceful measures in resolving international challenges (Mansour & Wegerif, 2013). It also puts one at a better position to succeed in the business environment because one will be able to engage in production of goods and services that conform to certain parts, and regions having diverse cultures and identities. Such knowledge enables one to increase chances of working in an international organization and institutions that operate globally. This gives one an upper advantage over other potential candidates for employment. Great cultures from other regions can be borrowed and enriched to the local and native’s culture and it, therefore, enables sharing and borrowing of knowledge (Leininger, 2005). Different cultures communicate differently and give meaning that vary to each other, therefore, having knowledge of such studies makes one a good communicator and improves one’s communication skills.
In conclusion, cultural studies and diversity is an important subject that people have to increase their chances of succeeding in the globalized world.


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