Free cultural diversity essay sample

In the modern world, which is characterized by differences in culture, gender and ethnicity, there is a great need for managers and other professionals to understand the importance that these differences may bring to the business setting. Most professions in the current century have learned to hire staff members from different backgrounds. There are several advantages that are be brought about by this move.
The market mostly consists of different people who come from different backgrounds as far as ethnicity and culture is concerned. In order to facilitate and improve customer relations, it is important for an enterprise to practice equality when handling issues such as recruiting its staff (Laroche, 2003). Picking personnel from one region alone has its side effects in that the business may be accused of being tribal and as such, it may fail to attract customers from other regions. For managers, it is important to note that by diversifying their work force, they will be significantly diversifying their market. This will effectively improve their sales and businesses.
Embracing diversity in the work place has a positive effect to the business in that there will be a variety of options available when looking for a solution to a certain problem (Powell et al. 2003). This is because people from different backgrounds develop different perspectives of looking at things. In essence, selecting staff members who do not exhibit diversity may mean that the business lacks alternatives when faced with some problem that should be solved. Research shows that people who grew up in different backgrounds perceive certain situations differently. If this is the case, then managers and professions that embrace diversity are at a better hand to solve their problems.


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