Free critical thinking on flat feet

Admittedly, I understood there to be no political energy within myself to be mustered. In fact, I am less than a complete novice: indifferent to what occurs during elections and don’t know how stained this country is in the mistakes of its recent presidents. Or so I thought.
It was with blatant ignorance that I stared at questions asking me about taxes, economy equality, and healthcare. The last note of Political Ideology (“ Freedom to” or “ Freedom from”) was the single remark to immediately mean anything to me. I can only hope that it was that question that landed me with Social Democrat. Personally, I would like to know what I’m being saved from rather than given the daunting list of what I’m allowed to do. Do I want changes of government? Sure. Change how the money is distributed; and please don’t let our elderly parents die because care couldn’t be afforded; and give public schools more benefits than a jailhouse. It’s not radical but it’s a fair start.
My mindset was confirmed as socialist-related after looking into Electoral Compass’ more pictorial based layout where it was easier to be impressed with politician’s I’ve seen before, ideas I’ve heard about, and be content with the option of being neutral or not having an opinion. With the remaining pictures being Obama and McCain, over today’s issues, I’m snuggly placed at Obama’s heart and as far Left from McCain as possible. That is, unless, the matter was Law & Order, and National Security. Then I side with that other half the spectrum—making me question what I agreed with and what were McCain’s points.
If anything, in the latter quiz, I wondered about the prejudice of government. I was sided with Social Liberism, the “ progressive” side, leaving Conservatism and Traditional means to be completely useless to me. I don’t positively know what to do with this information. But it certainly encourages me to listen to Conservatives and Traditionalists to know what I am against, and defend what I’m for.

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