Free cold war essay example

Cold war is defined as an extreme pressure between USA and its allies and Soviet Union and its associates after the World War II and departure of the Soviet Union. United States used containment policy to stop the spread of communism overseas. This policy was a reaction to a series of moves by the Soviet Union to expand its community influence in Eastern Europe, China, Korea, Africa, and Vietnam. The House of Un-American Activity Committee was monitoring the community to ensure there were no such things as being unpatriotic during Cold War. Vietnam War was between the years 1955-1975. In 1959, Ho declared all-out war with the aim of uniting Vietnam under one rule. In 1969, US troop was withdrawn by President Nixon. In 19972, Easter Offensive border were attacked by the North Vietnamese. The historical significant of Vietnam War was to stop communism in America that threaten to expand all over Southeast Asia. Korea and Vietnam were involved in the two major wars of containment. During these, there was tension and stress that the policy of containment brought about. During this war USA and Soviet Union brought fear of war.
During this era, there was “ duck and cover drills” in many schools as well as the omnipresence of fallout shelters. The practice was significant in conferring a degree of shelter to practitioners. Duck and cover was a way of bringing the cold war home in the year 1952, and the method was used in schools. The aim was to protect against the near rapid impacts of atomic bombs. Accommodations were built, and drills were held in schools and towns, and the film was shown to students that declared the historical significant. It also brought about conformity. Kitchen debate was established 1959, which happened at America open exhibition, in Moscow. Kitchen debate was a series of unprepared messages between Richard Nixon and Nikita Khrushchev, to discuss the advantages to communalism and capitalism in a model. In 19950, McCarthyism, a practice of making allegations, rebellion, and treason without appropriate regard for evidence was used to bring a cold war home. McCarthyism referred to an activity Senator Joseph McCarthy accused some prominent Americans of being communalists while some held the top seats in the government. The practice marked a historical significant during the cold war since thousands of Americans were accused of being communist sympathy.
In 1961, after nuclear explosion, Fallout Shelters was established in Nebraska, with the aim of protecting occupants from debris of radioactive or fallout. Several accommodations were built as civil defense measures during the Cold War. In 1938, HUAC was established as United States committee, House of Representatives. The house involved citizens to testify in high profile hearings before congress. This was a significant historical event that happened in the cold war. Cuban missile crisis occurred on October 16, 1961 and was a conflict between United States, Soviet Union, and Cuba. It served as a rallying point for Americans and increased Kennedy’s image both nationwide and globally. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) was a strategy of making veterans has anxiety disorder that occurred experiences a traumatic event. The historical significant of this plan was to make veteran feel fear, scared, angry and confused. The approach goes further ahead and causes disruption in person’s life. The process involved events such as military exposure, children sexual abuse, and physical and sexual assault.