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Free cycle organization has achieved a high level of growth in such a short period because we all live in a disposable society. In addition to that, we not only dispose of papers products like before, but we also dispose electronics such as televisions, computers, cell phones, furniture’s and clothing’s. These items are the major disposals because of the change in live style and change in technology. In the modern society items which are in fashion, are likely to be outdated in few days (Kelly, 2008).
On the other hand, technology is changing, for example, it is every hard to find the huge desktops in most of the organizations. Technology has made it easier by developing laptops that are portable and flexible. Increase in change, in technology, and change in lifestyles, these are factors towards free cycle organization achieving a high level of growth in such a short period. Generosity in the society has also led to the organization achieving a high level of growth. A lot of people will prefer disposing of items to the less fortunate once in order to improve they’re living standards (Kelly, 2008).
Free cycle has created an alternative way of disposing of items, and this will have an effect on the purchasing habits of consumers. The rate of purchase will drop significantly because less people will be willing to get new items for use. Majority of people will be searching for items on the disposal site. This habit will lead to less purchase and increase in savings because most of the items will be donated (Kelly, 2008).
It is important for profit businesses like eBay to get into free cycling business; this move will motivate many people who feel shy to dispose of their items to the fewer fortunate once. It is important for companies to motivate more consumers to give things away; it will be helping those who cannot afford have a chance of acquiring items that might help them. The company will be exercising corporate social responsibility by bringing in consumer and a supplier.


Kelly, T (2008).” Multi-Bargain Swap shop,” Free swap program finds home for recycled goods,” Wall Street journal.