Free book review on california government

The book ” California Government” by John L. Korey is an intriguing look at California’s political system. By examining this process, I have gained a better understanding of the challenges faced by our systems of government and how California is working to meet these challenges.
Korey begins by explaining the background of American government. This background information sets the ground work for the more complex topics that follow. Kory offers up a wealth of information on how California’s government operates. He explains that relative duties and powers are assigned to the Governor including the powers of Chief Legislator, Executive, Chief of State, Crisis Manager, Chief Judge, Chief of Party, Intergovernmental Liaison, and Military Chief (Korey). Duties include both formal and informal powers (Korey ).
Korey also explains the inside role of political parties play in California’s system of government. Because California is such a large state, political parties play a key role in the electoral process. The State Legislator is made up of the lower house, the California State Assembly, with 80 members, and the upper house, the California State Senate, with 40 members. The U. S. House has 435 members and the U. S. Senate has 100 members (Korey ). California has a term limit that the US does not. However, the leadership structure is similar on most aspects.
In conclusion, the book ” California Government” by John L. Korey outlines most of the major concepts of state government. By looking throughout history, Korey is able to realize key trends and identify possible causes of future concern.

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