Free aging essay sample

While planning, an individual has to take into considerations many factors. Depending on the morality of an individual, one may decide to shape his/her life in the line of respect, loyalty and respect. In terms of respect, one has to earn the respect from the community members through the cooperation over the years. For one t be a respected elder in the society, one must do the things that are seen to be respectable in the society. If you want to turn out to be a community leader, one has to have the qualities of leadership and d these qualities have to be nurtured from a very tender age. Additionally, one has to be very keen in order to observe the current leaders in the society and how they carry themselves. To become the community elder, one has to have the support of the community members. A proven record of accomplishment of the activities that one has done for the community over time will enable one to achieve his ambitions of becoming an elder in the future.
As a prospective leader of the community in the future, one has to be in a position to learn from the current elders. The elders can provide vital information when consulted about how to deal with the emotional happenings of the society. The financial background of an individual is not very important in that what is vital is what one does to his financial future. A hardworking individual would ensure that his financial future is secured through enough investments and a proper insurance plan that guarantees that one gets the proper late-life care. If one is not careful, an individual may become bothersome in the late-life care. If the financial background is not stable, the elder person may be neglected by the society.
The information that one gets from the current leaders in the society and the other kinds of information that individuals get from their classes can be used to shape our futures. It is the daily experiences that we have as individuals that shape the people we will be in the future. For one to be a healthy individual in the future, one must consider keeping fit currently and having a diet that is well balanced. In terms of the health of the elderly person, I want to be of good health and thus I will always have to do some physical exercises. The foremost objective of this strategy is to do one thing at time and ensure that the goals are achieved.
In order to guarantee that an individual is on the right track, the individual has to consult with the elders what has to be done properly. The most vital aspect is the information that the elder people give you. The elder people can inform you if you are on the right track and if the plans that you have made are realistic. Elders can also inform you if the plan covers all the areas that you may have forgotten in the plan. It is also advisable that one accepts the advice of the elder people on how to implement the plan to minimize the instances of shifting the goal posts. Currently however as an individual, I want to continue learning so that I can maximize on the knowledge that I have in the future. I have to work with my fellow students towards achieving my goal of aging well.


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