Five year goals essay sample

Reflection Paper

On October 1st 2018, I envision myself working at KPMG as a business analyst providing technology solutions to user and consumer problems. I will be a second year associate at the company and pursuing my Master’s degree. In addition, I will have moved out from home and moved into my own apartment.
– Graduate with high honors by completing the required semester hours and attaining a high GPA.
– Get a job at KPMG. Apply for work placement at KPMG during the summer and ensure I learn as much as I can and make a favorable impression. Apply for the graduate recruitment program and ensure that I am well prepared so as to get selected.
– Save and invest. Make a budget of my income and expenditure and make an allocation for savings and investments. Ensure I save a substantial amount each month. Invest in real estate and stocks.
– Get my own apartment. Look for an apartment that is conveniently located, secure and has all the amenities of home.
– Enroll for a Master’s degree in MIS that I will pursue part time. Work during the day and attend classes online and during weekends.

Twenty Year Goals

On October 1st 2033, I envision myself having a family; two children, a dog and a house in the suburbs. I will be a Senior Partner at KPMG and have a PhD in MIS. In addition, I will be lecturing part time in University of Texas.
– Enroll for a PhD in MIS and pursue it part time as I work.
– Get married. Meet my better half, get married and start a family.
– Buy a house in the suburbs and move in with my family.
– Excel in my work by being the best at what I do and get promoted to Senior Associate, Manager, Senior Manager, Director, Partner and lastly Senior Partner.
– Apply to be a part time lecturer and lecture part time as my way of giving back to the society.