Fire investigation

of Fire Investigation: Nova – Hunt for the Serial A Films and television series can be considered as an expression of daily routine or the reflection of a common individual to which audiences can easily relate to. Most of the filmmakers use films to depict the real life characters. The series Nova – Hunt for the serial A is a short film which is a depiction of a real life story of John Leonard Orr. The synthesis of the movie notes that true crime can be found out as convicts are probable to leave their marks. The aim of this paper is to analyze the series Nova- Hunt for the Serial A that depicted the fire investigator’s real life story of true crime.
It will not be incorrect to note that Nova: Hunt for the serial A was an episode in the television series released in 1995. It was basically shot as a short film for the purpose of spreading awareness regarding true crimes and the convicts in such cases. This was to put a renouncement towards those who undertake such crimes and ultimately stay a part of the society. With the help of the episode, it was rather easy to note that people around us may be not what they are seemingly in reality. Hate crimes can be very dangerous for the society which is conducted by no other people but the common people living next door (Williams).
The episode is about a fire extinguisher official who always wanted to work for the police force. Unfortunately, he could not pass his entrance test for the police force and ultimately ended up in the fire extinguisher force. The movie has a twist when the plot line introduces Leonard to be a convict of true crime. The movie can be considered as a helpful insight for the investigators to understand the insight and mindedness of convicts committing true crimes (Williams).
The general context of the true crime was that Leonard was involved in planning fake fire accidents with the aid of rubber bands, match sticks and papers which ultimately resulted in major fire accidents. For many incidents, nobody can actually understand as to why the region was under fire accidents so frequently. But as per the close fire investigation, it was noted that the reason behind the fire accidents were similar and planned. A series of suspect investigation led to the final proceeding in which Leonard was convicted for his true crime (Williams).
Through the above analysis, it could be said that films of television broadcasts can be used a way to depict real life stories of people who are around us. The story of a file extinguisher official who made it a routine to set places on fire by afore-planning so that the fire extinguisher department could be on an action mode. In a psychological context to the activities of Leonard, it can be said that the short film or the episode was able to reflect that Leonard wanted to have a heroic representation of his own in the society.
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