Film viewer opinion paper

Choosing a Movie to Watch: What Makes them Enjoyable or Not Full Nowadays, movies abound and they seem to become more indispensable, becoming part of our everyday lives. Movies do not only cater to entertainment needs but they also serve as educational materials. However, while there are a lot of good movies, there are also the ones that make viewers feel they have wasted their time and money. Therefore, one should always look for the features that would meet his standards of a good film before seeing a movie. Personally, I usually read or listen to movie reviews and focus much on the storyline. Popularly known great actors give heavy weight in my decision-making if I would watch a film or not nevertheless, they are not as important as the storyline. I watched movies which listed great performers but the movie itself was a disappointment and I also watched not well-known actors on unpopular movies but was more satisfied at the end of the film compared to some well-advertized movies. Just because well-known artists are performing does not always guarantee a satisfactory movie experience. It is also important to take a look at other works of the director, if there have been good reviews constantly given, the film might be worth watching, though it is not also a guarantee because directors are also artists who may make a masterpiece and one that is not satisfactory. If the three aforementioned features are met, watch the film.
I love humor in stories but of course when the entire film portrays humorous events, it would not be realistic anymore. I think the most important things to consider, to ensure an enjoyable movie, are humor and facts. I guess we basically experience the same emotions and that is what most would look in a movie. It is the thread that undeniably binds actors, directors and viewers. Twists make a film interesting also because it stirs up a viewer’s curiosity and mathematical abilities to be put at work. When unexpected turns unfold, viewers are satisfied that they have not guessed the possibilities before the scenes were shown and they are left to be amazed at how the story was presented. I think that makes a movie interesting. On the other hand, when viewers can tell what would come next in the story, they feel they can almost tell the story even without finishing the film. This makes them feel bored and might regret even giving the movie a thought.
Lessons learned also make a film enjoyable. When a movie offers insights that viewers could adopt for practical living, it can spark their interest and hold their attention until the finish. That is why movies should be realistic enough to move the emotions and thoughts of viewers, not only with the words used and facial expressions of role players but also with the setting. No matter what good actors and storyline there would be for a movie, if the cinematography is not excellent, it will destroy the whole package. The shooting should include skilled movie photography and good, appropriate sceneries to intensify the impact of the scenes to the film. Without the aforementioned important details, the movie could be boring. Just going on with the story without considering what would hold the attention of viewers can make them leave in the middle of the story. Probably one good example is when one actor speaks for three minutes and the camera is focused on him for the whole duration, chances are, viewers will not enjoy. However, if it is indeed a necessity for an actor to speak for three minutes but other scenes are shown, like images that help viewers understand further what is being said, viewers will stick there eyes on the screen.