Film genre analysis transformers essay

What popular genre’s are emerging these days were most likely male dominated films that are most likely catered for the whole family. As I have observed during the past two to three years or just the past few months, the emerging trends in the movie industry was mostly “ westernized, sci-fi, animated and fantasy-related films”. Whereas the world of today are enjoying the fruits of the different technological innovations and scientific advancement, let us not forget about the backdrops and trade-offs that logically goes along with progress. This is what is common among the different films that I have watched recently, especially the Science Fiction films.

With regards to fantasy films, one will be engrossed with the so many visions or creative thinking that sprouts in the minds of our modern writers. It is not long ago when the same imaginative thinking can only be manifested in the story books and films, like the notion of televisions, computers, test-tube babies and cloning, flying vehicles, etc. The fantasies that are displayed in the modern films shows that the film makers of today are inclined to be more ingenious and creative by challenging the physical aspect of the world. I believe that this is the case because, as afar as I am aware, most of the films shows or displays the concept of invisibility, teleportation, telekinetic abilities and so on. Most of which are part of what was commonly known as “ pseudo-science”.

There are basic similarities between sci-fi genres and fantasy genre, one of which is that they are both non-existent as of the present generation, another is the fact that in this kind of films, the protagonist is usually led by a more genius or a more powerful old-man or sensei or master or the like, which would guide the hero into finding his own abilities throughout the story. My chosen film is Transformers, well, that is not odd, since it seems to be the hottest film in theatres since the “ Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” have not met the expectation of most of its intended audience.  The movie covers many action scenes that I was overwhelmed with the so many explosions and deafening cries of the actors and actresses in the said movie. Although, I liked the overall movie, I did not fully enjoy how the cars transform into robots. Maybe, the animation part should be partly improved.

I believe the producers or the makers including the animation artists and the director, wanted the film to be very real-like, that in my personal view, it became more unrealistic. I mean, take the helicopter changing to a robot for example, I don’t get how it gotten so big, towering from the buildings or infrastructure which surrounds it. And also, the fact that there is a Scorponok in the Transformers is a little bit weird; he was supposed to be in beast wars. Aside from that, originally, Megatron was a pistol or a canon, in the 2007 movie; he was an “ interstellar jet”. Okay, now Transformers is classified under the genre, Science Fiction, basically because of the fact that it involves “ robots”, actually, life-size robots that are obviously part of the scientific or technological advancement. Aside from this, the situations involved or portrayed in the movie, like the beginning of life forms originating from a cube, “ sentient robots” at war, the present day situation and all the tanks, satellites and firearms used in the movies are all product of science, unlike the wands, spells and potions that are mere product of fantastical imagination. Well anyway, moving on with the film, some of the interesting line that I feel worth noting is when Optimus Prime mentions that “ freedom is the right of all sentient being” along with his conversation with Megatron stressing the “ that humans deserves to choose for themselves”. I find this very important, because as we all know, an American film usually promotes an American theme and this movie had promote it real great.

The scenery was the modern day America, with the first attack happening on the deserts of Qatar, if I remembered it right. This one signifies the on-going anti-terrorist “ pre-cautions” that the U. S.

army is supposed to take. It shows how difficult it is for the soldiers who have to be far from their family in order to serve for their country. It also shows how the United States are so in love with waging wars, upon mentioning several different states that may have been the cause of the damaged or destruction of the base in Qatar. As I have mentioned before there are several changes that the producers and director of Transformers have done, maybe to please and to relate the movie in the present day situation.

Moreover, it tackles some of the ideas that constitute modern day problems, such as war in connection to the “ Iraq situation” and saving the “ Earth” along with its importance with relation to “ Global Warming”. The movie can also fall under the genre action, when one would focus on the “ mood” of the story, since as many “ heroic films” goes, the bad attacks, the good guys came to save the world, the bad guys fall, the whole world triumphs. At the least this is what a typical film of our age goes, a combination of high-technology science –fictional film that has an action mood.

This is a best selling piece ever since sci-fi films became popular. When one would flashback on the different movies of the last months, one would find in their list, fantastic four: the silver surfer, spiderman 3 and now transformers. Every one of them has its own storyline and featured hero, but along with this, each one is catered to suits the taste of the whole family. How do I say so? First, the male character, which is almost always the protagonist, appears to be handsome, intelligent and with a hunk body. He was then paired with a charming lady, who is also naïve and sexy.

Then, the story would be a combination of action, sci-fi, a bit of adventure and fantasy that would close or would developed into a romantic love story between the two main characters. Why was this combination had became so effective and was always used by most movie producers was because it sells more and the director or the movie maker can make more alterations, adds more suspense and mystery to the plot, the love story can developed early or late in the story, or the action part can be made blatant in the introduction or after the first twenty minutes. The important thing is that, everyone in the family would love the film, unlike action films alone, which only adults can relate into. Action heroes in this kind of film are usually very serious, that children would get bored.

Or some includes sexy scenes that are often not advisable for children to watch. Speaking of sexy scenes, one would find in these movies, especially in the “ transformers” that the lead actress is just sexy and beautiful, enough to fancy the minds of the young adult males but not erotic enough to arouse teenage boys curiosity. The fact that there are kissing scenes that are shown in these “ general audience” movies tells us how our community is being open to these kinds of romantic scenes. I mean, if you are my age, you will still remember the time when mothers forbade their children to even glimpse on a kissing scene. Nowadays, it can be seen in the movies, and children can get a chance to watch them as much as their parents do. In the transformers film, the focused was on saving the planet from the “ Decepticons”, who would not only want to annihilate their rival the “ Autobots” but the whole of humanity as well, in able to use the earth as a new dwelling place for their kinds. Optimus Prime believes, on the other hand, that the earth should belong to the humans because it is their home. Towards the end, Optimus and his comrades have help humans to fight against Megatron and his allies in able to save the earth.

The mention of saving the earth and the whole humanity, again and again makes us realize that the film also wants to make us aware of the possibility that the earth would be destroyed or the whole humanity would perished. Indeed, this can be far-fetched, however, the possibility or probability of this happening is high, especially in current situation, wherein humans themselves is destroying or not taking care of the planet. How does it feels to hear an alien robot enlighten us about the importance of our planet and how he would even sacrifice his life for the sake of it and the living things that lives in it. This appeal is also shown in Fantastic Four, sublimely, it seems that the film producers would want to instill in the spectators heart and mind that this is our planet, it is the only one we have, there are others who needs life, who would fight to simply have their own planet, we have it for free, why not take good care of it? It is atypical from the other movies of its genre and time because it discusses the war problems of America and it shows different powerful weapons. Also, it is a revival of a cartoon film that was created in the 1980’s, which is catered for a different audience with a different environment set-up and time frame. The story was slightly change in order to fit the audience of today. Also, the most of the protagonist in this film are aliens, unlike in fantastic four or any other movies whose heroes are earthy beings.

Aside from that, most of the movies about aliens depict aliens as bad guys such as in the “ independence day”, “ aliens”, and “ mars attack”. All in all, the movie is great, with so much romantic adventure and so much missiles and explosions. It does capture the attention not just of toddlers, children, teenagers, young adults, adults and a bunch of critiques. It has the right mixtures and the right ornaments at the right places and time. It is not boring and I enjoyed watching it.

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